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Here at Themed Birthday Party Ideas you will find the latest and greatest below retail supplies and birthday celebration ideas out there. We will supply you with all the information you need to give your child the greatest and most enjoyable birthday they have ever had.

Your child's birthday is a very special day for them. That is why so many parents, like yourself, want to throw their children unique birthday parties that will show them how special they are to you! With our site you can give your kid the birthday party they've always wanted and will never forget, while saving you time and money!

That is where Themed Birthday Party Ideas comes in. We have everything from ideas for invitations, decorations, party favors, party games, and much more... We make it our business to give you the ideas and resources to make your party planning a simple, easy task. Then you can spend the time you save working on more important aspects of the party.

Most Popular Themed Birthday Party Supplies

(chosen by parents like you)

#1 Lego Party
If your child is creative, this is the perfect party for them. Your child will be the big builder of their party with these Lego themed birthday ideas and supplies.

#2 Carnival Party
With Carnival as your theme, turn your kids birthday into a fun and games extravaganza. So grab your tickets and get ready for a birthday your child will never forget.

#3 Magic Party
If your child likes mystery and magic let magic be your party guide. Give your child a party full of fun, amazement and most importantly magic!

#4 Tie Dye Party
Let the world's most colorful theme turn your kids birthday into a rainbow sensation! With our Tie Dye ideas and supplies, your party is guaranteed to be full of fun and imagination.

#5 Monster Truck Party
Nothing makes a child's eyes light up like a monster truck. Now you can bring the fun and excitement of monster trucks to their birthday party.

#6 Fairy Party
There is something about Fairies that just causes excitement in young girls. It will put a smile on your daughters face when she sees the joy in her friends when they find out she is having a fairy themed birthday party.

#7 Sonic the Hedgehog Party
Let this video game hero that has been a fan favorite for generations bring good clean fast pace fun to your children's party, using our fun and unique birthday party ideas and supplies.

#8 Monkey Party
There isn't a young boy or girl out there who hasn't pretended to be a monkey. With these cool zany monkey party ideas, your kid and guests will have a party that will blow any other party they've seen out of the water and into the jungle.

#9 Dora the Explorer Party
With Backpack in hand, guide your child to the biggest birthday adventure they will ever see. A Dora the Explorer themed party is perfect for your own little adventurous explorer.

#10 John Deere Tractor Party
There is something about tractors that just sparks excitement in young boys. It will put a smile on your face when you see the happiness in your child's eyes when they find out they are having a John Deere Tractor party.

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