Tips and Ideas for
1st Birthday Decorations

With our tips and themed birthday party ideas for 1st birthday decorations, you will learn how to give your baby the most amazing looking first birthday party possible. For this milestone event, you can choose to buy your themed 1st birthday party decorations online, from a party supply store, or you can use our unique and fun themed 1st birthday party ideas for decorations.

We will show you how to make several different types of fun and great looking homemade decorations, and give you simple tips and ideas on what decorations to use and the best ways to use your 1st birthday decorations to the fullest.

Your baby's 1st birthday decorations are one of the most important aspects of the party. "Why?" you ask, well, a party's decorations do more than make everything look nice. They create a fun, colorful, and joyful atmosphere for the party, that will in turn, help put your guests into a party mindset as soon as they enter your party area.

Party's Color Scheme

There are a few different ways to choose the party's color scheme. The first way to decide is to use the most prominent colors in the party's theme as the colors for your child’s 1st birthday decorations. Remember that one of these colors should always be a lighter color than the other.

Table First Birthday Decorations

Although the tables at the party will primarily be used for a place to eat or relax at in between festivities, they are also 1st birthday decorations. There are two great ways that you can decorate the party tables and tableware, and they are to purchase themed table covers and tableware or to use solid theme colored table covers and tableware.

Store bought table covers and tableware are definitely the best way to go if you want the best-looking 1st birthday decorations. If you plan to purchase the themed table covers and partyware it is best to do so from an online party supplies distributor. (It's much cheaper) This is also by far the easiest way to decorate the tables, they are usually sold in sets which consist of matching table covers, plates, napkins, and cups that will have graphics of your specific theme and theme colored utensils.

Party Streamers

Streamers are one of the most classic of all 1st birthday decorations, and they are great for adding color to areas that otherwise would not be decorated. It is important to remember, when decorating your party area with streamers you should always use theme related colors. Streamers look better and more professional if you use a lot of them throughout your party area rather than a small amount in a few places.

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Party Balloons

Balloons are the perfect themed 1st birthday decorations, you can get them in any color, size, or shape. When decorating your party area it looks best to use both helium and air filled balloons, helium balloons are typically used to make small areas seem larger and to add more color to the low laying areas of your party.

Mylar balloons are great for a first birthday, as they are safer for young children and are harder to pop. Use caution when using latex balloons, as popped balloons are choking hazards for small children.

For the helium balloons at the party, either you can have the balloons filled at your local party supply store or you can rent or buy a helium tank and fill the balloons yourself.

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Background First Birthday Decorations

When it comes to background decorations, the more you have, the more prominent the theme is, and the better your baby's party looks. Don't clutter specific parts of the party area with decorations, the point is to spread decorations of the party's theme evenly throughout the party area.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to tape posters or enlarged laminated pictures of the theme related characters and objects around the party area.

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Cardboard Character Cutouts

You can make large cardboard cutouts of theme related characters and use them at the entrance of the party to greet your guests, at the gift table to instruct where to place the gifts, or take Polaroid pictures of the parents standing next to them with their children before your child's 1st birthday party ends.

You can also make large cardboard cutouts of theme related objects and place them around the party area. Do you want life-size themed party character and object cutouts? It's easy! Click here to find out how: Do It Yourself Life Size Cardboard Cutouts

Party Entrance 1st Birthday Decorations

You can make or purchase a welcome sign for your baby's party that says, "Welcome to (your child's name)'s (theme name) Birthday Party". If the party's theme involves animals, you can make animal footprint cutouts or enlarged laminated theme character of object related pictures and place them from the parking area to the front door or backyard depending on where your party is being held.

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Themed Toys and Objects

Here is a list of themed and non-themed toys and objects you can place around the party for 1st birthday decorations and play:
  • Character puppets
  • Stuffed animals
  • Small toys
  • Books
  • Games
  • Ride-on toys
  • Dolls
  • Blocks with numbers and letters
  • Learning toys

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