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1st Birthday Party Favors

1st birthday party favors are the perfect mementos to give your guests to thank them for attending your baby's birthday party, and they are also great keepsakes of a memorable first birthday party. One of the greatest parts of handing out party favors at a first birthday party is the excitement on the children's faces as they receive them.

Typically, most of the children at a first birthday party haven't attended many birthday parties and will not be expecting their own little container of goodies at the end of the party.

Simple favors are all you need as little children can be amused by simple toys, and make sure that the favors you buy are safe for small children. When giving out first birthday party favors it is important to keep in mind to avoid favors that are smaller than 1/2 an inch, break easily, have small parts, and have pointed edges. Here is a list of the most popular 1st birthday party favors:
  • Themed Puppets
  • Themed Stickers
  • Bubbles with Wand
  • Themed Board Books
  • Playdough and Theme Shaped Cookie Cutter
  • Small Theme Shaped Stuffed Animal
  • Themed Noisemaker
  • 1-2-3 or A-B-C Blocks
  • Coloring Books with Washable Markers or Crayons
  • Small Plastic Themed Toys
  • Themed Temporary Tattoos

Favor Bag

It looks best to send your guests home with their 1st birthday party favors in a theme related bag or container. You can purchase favor boxes and bags with theme related graphics on them from a party supply store.

If you don't like any of the store bought favor bags or boxes available for your baby's party theme, you can use a background container commonly found in the party's theme. (Such as, a wicker basket for a picnic party, a honey pot for a bear party, or a purse for princess party.)

Low Cost High Quality Party Favors

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