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Are you looking for fun, exciting and free 1st birthday party games and activities? Our first birthday party games and activities were specifically chosen and designed to ensure your baby's party guests have fun and stay entertained throughout the entire party.

When planning a 1st birthday party, it is important to include time for games and activities, because they create a fun and playful atmosphere for the party and give the children and adults the opportunity to get more familiar with each other.

If you are planning on the party being between 1 1/2 - 2 hours long it is best to have either two 1st birthday party games and one activity or two activities and 1 group game. If you are planning on your baby's party being longer than 2 hours you should add an additional game or activity for every 45 minutes longer the party will last.

Action Songs

Children of all ages love acting out, singing along with, hearing, and watching action songs. If you are throwing a 1st birthday party, singing and acting out action songs with the children will definitely get and keep everyone in a playful party mood. Action songs are funny and/or upbeat songs that involve specific motions that are related to specific words or verses of the song.

~ 1st Birthday Party Games ~

Puppet Show

There is something about puppets talking and walking around on a mini stage that draws in a small child’s attention and wonder. Using puppets that are related to your baby's party theme and a short funny theme related script, you or some imaginative and out going friends can put on a puppet show for the children.

The best places to get ideas for the puppet shows script is theme related movies, shows, and books. Though don't feel confined to using pre-written material, there is nothing wrong with being original and writing your own themed puppet masterpiece.

~ 1st Birthday Party Games ~

Baby, Baby, Tickle

This is one of our cutest 1st birthday party games, it is a fun variation of the classic children's game Duck Duck Goose. Have the babies group together in circles with no more than five babies. (If you do groups larger that five babies, they may become bored with waiting for their turn)

Then have an adult crawl around the babies tapping them on their shoulders saying "baby"', (This will certainly spark curiosity and a few laughs) and when you get to the last baby say "tickle" and start tickling that baby. The greatest and funniest things about this game is that after you go around the circle and tickle a few of the babies, some of them will start laughing as soon as you tap their shoulder without you even having to tickle them.

~ 1st Birthday Party Games ~

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a great addition to most children's birthday parties, and an excellent substitute for face painting. Face paint is not a particularly safe activity for babies, as they may eat it, rub it in their eyes, or get upset when they see the other children getting it when they can't.

There is two things you can be sure of with temporary tattoos, that they will put smiles on every child’s face and the children will be excited to see the theme related characters and/or objects on their skin.

Carriage Rides

This activity goes especially well with a girl’s first birthday party. For this activity, you will need to paint a wooden pull wagon either white, pink or lavender. When the paint dries attach a white, pink, or lavender umbrella to the side or back of the wagon.

For a little extra pizzazz, add floral and theme related decals to the wagon, theme related stickers to the top and inside of the umbrella and inside of the wagon, and use a hot glue gun to attach a lavender or pink feather boa to the edge of the umbrella and the top edge of the wagons sides. On the day of the party, give the babies rides two at a time in the wagon, while playing themed music in the background.

Free Play

Put the babies in a designated play area with an assortment of your child’s toys. It is best not to include your baby's favorite toy as this may cause an unpleasant situation if they see another child with that toy.

For a fun touch, you can have a bubble machine going in the background, just make sure that if a bubble machine is being use that it is not over a smooth surface. (The bubbles popping on the floors smooth surface can make it slippery and a definite safety hazard.) This is a great way to end the party, after cake and ice cream have been served!

Pull-String Pinata

This is definitely one of the simplest 1st birthday party games that you can have the children play at the party. Obviously a baby will not be able to break a pinata, but fortunately they make pull-string pinatas for small children’s parties. (Pull-sting pinatas are pinatas that have a trap door at the bottom with several strings attached to it, only one string will open the trap door to empty the pinata and the other strings will just pull off without anything happening.)

All you need to do is purchase a themed related pull-string pinata and fill it with age appropriate candy, snacks, and/or toys. Then you can have the children take turns pulling the strings, or if your afraid that some children may not get a turn you can have them all grab a string and pull it together. Remember to have themed baggies on hand for the children to collect their goodies in.

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Ball Play

1st birthday activities don't have to be elaborate, they can be as simple as having the children play with a simple toy that all kids love, bouncy balls. For this activity, you will need to have a large enclosed play area for the children, so no balls roll away which can cause a safety hazard.

Then put the children in the play area with a wide assortment of different sized, colored, and textured bouncy balls and let them push and bounce the balls around and to each other. Have the adults encourage the children to play together, sharing is key.

It is best to use multiples of each kind of ball you use, as some children may grab a ball that is different from all of the others and not want to part with it. (Avoid any balls smaller than 2” in diameter as they are a safety concern)

Bubble Pop

This is one of the few 1st birthday party games where the younger children have a better chance of winning than the game than the older kids. Lay down a 5' by 2' stretch of bubble wrap, preferably over a hard surface.

Then have each player walk across the bubble wrap and who ever makes it to the other side without popping any air bubbles gets a prize. (If everyone makes the bubble wrap pop, give a prize to the player(s) who popped the least.)

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Sing and Dance

This simple activity will definitely get your little guests in the party mood. Play theme related music and have the parents encourage their children to group together and swing around, jump, and dance to the music.

~ 1st Birthday Party Games ~

Wagon Ride

Give the children turns being pulled around in a children’s pull wagon. For an added touch you can decorate the wagon with helium filled theme colored latex balloons or theme shaped Mylar balloons and stickers, play theme related music, and have the person pulling the wagon wear a theme related costume or mask.

Endless Memories

This is an example of how 1st birthday party games can leave a lifetime impact on your child. Since your baby will not remember this milestone event in their life, this is the best time to make your baby a time capsule.

This game will give your child countless mementos and keepsakes from the most important people in their life at this very special milestone in their life.

Here is an extensive list of themed birthday party ideas on how to set up the perfect 1st birthday time capsule: Birthday Time Capsule. At the party, have a table setup with name cards, so the guests can set down the objects they brought to put in the time capsule. Then give out various prizes/awards to the guests that participated, you can give them for many things for example:
  • Most objects added
  • Most sentimental object
  • Funniest object
  • Smallest object
  • Most colorful object

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