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1st Birthday Party Ideas

These Rubber Ducky 1st birthday party ideas are just what you need and will make your baby squeal with delight at fist sight? If so, then. On this page you will find the greatest Rubber Duck Birthday Party ideas, ideas for decorations, food, games, invitations, and everything else you could possibly need to throw the perfect party.

Our site is dedicated to providing you with the biggest and best 1st themed birthday party ideas and the most reliable and cheapest birthday party suppliers out there. So use these 1st birthday party ideas to the fullest, and you will be able give your baby the best birthday party ever while saving yourself potentially hundreds of dollars.

Rubber Ducky Invitations

For this milestone event, you can choose to buy your Rubber Ducky invitations and Rubber Ducky Thank-You Notes online, from a party supply store, or you can use our unique and fun Rubber Duck 1st birthday party ideas for invitations.

The best time to mail your first birthday party invitations is three to four weeks before the party date. Put the address, date of party, party time, and the phone number and date to RSVP by on the back of all of your Rubber Duck birthday party invitations. Here are some 1st birthday party ideas for Rubber Ducky invitations.

Baby Rubber Ducky

Dress your baby up in a Duck costume and take their picture. For the picture you can fill the bottom of your bathtub with soap bubbles and place Rubber Duckies inside and along the edge of your bathtub, then put your child in the tub in their Ducky costume.

Print the picture out on pastel yellow colored card stock paper and type out one of the Rubber Duck birthday party invitation wording examples at the end of this invitation section on the back.

Bubbly Ducky Invitation

Here is one of the most fun Rubber Ducky 1st birthday party ideas for invitations. Here is a list of materials you will need to make these invitations:

  • Bubble Wrap (large bubble)
  • Duck Shaped Bar of Soap
  • Two Sided 3M Tape
  • Pastel Colored Card Stock Paper (pink or blue)
  • Small Circular Toy Stamp

Cut the card stock into smaller rectangular shapes, they need to be the same size as the soap duckies you purchased. On one side of the card stock write your party information, on the other side use the circular stamp to make circles (bubbles) all over. Now cut off sections of the bubble wrap, they must be large enough to be able to wrap around the soap ducky and card.

Fold the soap ducky and the card in the section of bubble wrap, now apply the 2 sided tape to seal them inside. (Have the party information facing the ducky so the bubbles you made on the card can be seen through the bubble wrap, also have the actual bubbles of the bubble wrap on the outside of the Rubber Ducky invitation to simulate soapy bubbles.) These invitations are meant to be hand delivered.

Variation: Instead of using a soap ducky, you can use a Rubber Ducky. You can use staples to seal it up in the bubble wrap instead of two-sided tape.

Are you having trouble deciding what to write on your homemade Rubber Ducky invitations? Here are a couple great 1st birthday party ideas for what you can write on your invitations for the perfect Rubber Duck birthday party.

Example 1

Card Outside: Rubber Ducky you're the one, It's (child's name)'s Birthday he's/she's turning One, So come on over and have some fun and celebrate with us.

Card Inside: Waddle over to the (your last name) Pond on (party date) at (party time), Give us a quack at (your phone number) by (RSVP date) if you will be flying over for (child's name)'s Rubber Duck birthday party.

Example 2

Card Outside: Splish Splash it's a Rubber Ducky Birthday Bash!

Card Inside: (child's name) is turning One, so flock on over for some Rubber Duck Birthday Party fun. For a good, clean celebration, swim or fly to (your address) on (party date) at (party time). For a Quack-errific time, please RSVP Mama Duck at (your phone number) by (RSVP date).

Rubber Ducky Costumes

Although most people don't know it a Ducky costume can be used to make your baby's first birthday party an significantly more personal celebration. If you take pictures of your baby wearing a wonderful Ducky costume you can use that picture to make adorable personalized invitations and thank you notes for the party.

You can also go to your local bakery and have the picture transferred onto a birthday cake. Last but not least, you can have the pictures enlarged so they can be used to help decorate the walls and other flat surfaces in the party area.

Rubber Ducky Decorations

The best Rubber Duck 1st birthday party ideas for colors to use are yellow, orange, blue, and white. These are the best colors to decorate your balloons and streamers in. Mylar balloons are the best balloons to buy for a first birthday party, as they are safer for young children and are harder to pop. The most popular places to attach balloons are to your mailbox, on the ends of your banners, chairs, tables, and table umbrellas.

Hang yellow and orange or blue and white streamers all over the party area, you can hang them over the top and down the sides of doorways, on party tables, down from branches of trees, on chairs, railing, and anywhere else you think could use a little duckeration.

A very important decoration to use when it comes to throwing a Rubber Ducky birthday party is bubbles. Clear balloons are the perfect bubble props. You can hang, tie, and tape clear balloons all over the party area to make your guests feel like they are in a big bubbly tub full of Rubber Duckies.

Fill the ceiling of the party areas in your house and in any canopies in the outside party area with blue and white balloons (water and soap). When the ceilings are completely filled with these colors add clear balloons (bubbles), they should rest below the white and blue balloons. Watch out for ceiling fans.

Here are some great 1st birthday party ideas for your party tables. Cover your party tables with yellow tablecloths with orange plates, blue napkins, and white utensils, or you can use blue tablecloths with yellow plates (use orange construction paper to make a ducks bill hang off the plates), white napkins and clear utensils.

For the bare spots on your Rubber Ducky themed tables, you can scatter yellow feathers, Duck Confetti, and duck shaped candy all over them. If you want your baby's party to look extra special, use Rubber Ducky Tablecovers. You can also use Rubber Ducky Tableware like cups, Duck Plates and Duck Napkins.

Here are a couple very cute 1st birthday party ideas for placemats. You can have either pictures of Rubber Duckies or your baby in a duck costume enlarged and laminated to be used as placemats. Another great placemat idea is to take a duck shaped cookie cutter and use it to trace ducks on yellow construction paper. Cut the ducks out and glue a few of them to 19" x 14" sheets of blue construction paper, there should be an even amount of blue and yellow on each sheet.

Then glue the flat side of the 19" x 14" sections of bubble wrap evenly over the duck side of the blue construction paper. Now you have the perfect Rubber Duck birthday party placemats, after the party is over you can let the guests take theirs home with them as a keepsake of your baby's Rubber Duck birthday party.

You have the choice of either purchasing a Duck Table Centerpiece for the party or you can make your own. Here are some great 1st birthday party ideas for making table centerpieces. You have many options when it comes to making Ducky centerpieces, the most popular homemade Ducky centerpiece is in fact a Big Rubber Ducky. All you need to do is put blue tablecloths on your party tables and then in the centers place a circle shaped piece of bubble wrap.

Then place the big Rubber Ducky in the center of the bubble wrap and attach a Duck Mylar Balloon or yellow and orange balloons to it with white ribbon. For another great Ducky centerpiece you can take 12" oval planters and paint them glossy white, then place them in the center of your Rubber Duck birthday party tables and fill them with water that has been dyed blue with food coloring. Next place a couple Rubber Duckies in the water then fill the rest of the waters surface with small clear bouncy balls (bubbles).

You can take enlarged pictures of Rubber Ducks and duck footprints and place them from the entrance of the party to the party area. If there is a sidewalk leading to the party area, you can use a duck shaped stencil and draw yellow ducks and blue bubbles up the sidewalk. Place bubble machines at the entrance of your party and through out the party area to help make the guests truly feel like they are in a giant bathtub. You can make your own or purchase aRubber Ducky Birthday Banner . A few 1st birthday party ideas for where you can put a banner are at the entrance to your house, above the gift table, and above the birthday cake.

If you are having an outside party you can put up a sign by the pool saying, “Welcome to (child's name)'s duck pond" then below that in slightly smaller letters, "Flap on in, the water's fine!" If you can, use a Ducky themed children’s pool, and fill it with Rubber Duckies. If there is a larger pool for the adults and older children, you can also use large inflatable pool ducks.

You can tape enlarged and laminated pictures of Rubber Duckies and bubbles and place them outside around your party area. You can tape them on walls, fences, table umbrellas, the backs and seats of chairs, coolers, doors, and trees. On the inside of your house, you can take Rubber Ducky Posters and place them all over the walls in the party area. Take a large aluminum washtub or a cooler and fill it with water, ice, and your party drinks, then set a few Rubber Duckies on the top.

Here are a few simple 1st birthday party ideas to help give your party area a definite Rubber Ducky feel. Play Rubber Ducky themed music and if older children are attending the party decorate them with duck feet when they arrive and give everybody Ducky Party Hats.

You can also decorate with some of your child's Rubber Duckies, duck stuffed animals, related toys, duck books, robes, and towels. Put the toys out where they can be seen and played with. (Make sure that all items placed within reach of small children are large enough and age appropriate, to avoid choking hazards.)

Do you want life-size Rubber Ducky cutouts? It's easy; Click here to find out how: Do It Yourself Life Size Cardboard Cutouts

Rubber Duck Birthday Party Icebreaker Activities

Here is a list of the best and most popular Rubber Ducky 1st birthday party ideas for icebreaker activities.

Bubbly Rubber Ducky: It's not a Rubber Duck birthday party without bubbles. You can blow them yourself, but it will be easier and save you valuable party time to use a Party Bubble Machine. If the children are blowing their own bubbles have them use spill proof bottles and wands.

While the children are crawling and running around chasing the bubbles, it is an excellent idea to have some Rubber Duckey party music playing in the background. (Make sure that their are no bubbles blowing over any children's swimming pools you may have at your party, because some children may try to run and jump in the pool to catch them which could cause an injury.)

Have you ever tried to make your own bubble mixture at home and it didn't work? Here's the formula for making the perfect homemade bubble mixture. Homemade Bubble Recipes

Pool Art: Out of all the 1st birthday party ideas for icebreaker activities, this is certainly the most fun. This is a very simple and fun Rubber Ducky 1st birthday activity. All you need are a child size swimming pool with a solid light-colored bottom and bathtub crayons.

Use caution when purchasing the bathtub crayons there are some generic versions out there that either do not have a non-toxic label or turn slimy when introduced to water.

The best bathtub crayons I have seen are Crayola Bathtub Crayons, they are non-toxic and work very well in water. Before you add water to the pool, you can use a yellow bathtub crayon and a stencil of a duck to make duck silhouettes on the bottom of it.

When filling an infant pool you should keep the water level under 4 inches as anything higher is a safety concern, also always have an adult present while children are playing in or near the pool.

Ducky Hats: For this fun Ducky activity you will need:

  • Yellow baseball caps
  • Fabric glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Orange felt
  • Safety scissors
  • Large wiggly eyes

Take the orange felt and cut off enough pieces to cover the top and bottom of the brim of all the yellow baseball caps you've purchased. Use the fabric glue on the bottoms of the hat brims first, to do this glue along the bottom outside edges of the brim and attach the orange felt. (The felt will hang, this will be the bottom beak) Now glue the tops on, for these you can glue the entire piece of felt down. Finally, use a hot glue gun to glue on the large wiggly eyes. (You can use black strips of felt or a black permanent marker to make duck nostrils on the top of the ducks bill.)

Bath Time Dress Up: As your guests arrive to your baby's Rubber Duck birthday party, give them some bath time attire and accessories like duck soap on a rope, slippers or duck feet, shower caps, robes, and a Rubber Ducky.

1st Birthday Party Ideas for Food

Rubber Ducky Cake Ideas

1st birthday party ideas for the best looking and tasting homemade Rubber Ducky cakes.

Bathtub Rubber Ducky Cake

For this cake you will need to bake two cakes as directed on the mix box in a 14" x 11" x 2" oval cake pan. After the cakes have cooled, transfer them to cake boards. Now cut and spoon out the center of one of the cakes leaving 3 inches from the edge untouched this will be the top of your tub. Now freeze the cake, this will keep the cake from crumbling as you ice it. Once you remove the cake from the freezer, take white frosting and ice the top of the whole cake, then gently place the doughnut shaped cake evenly on top of the frosted cake. Line them up as close as you can, then ice the entire cake with white icing.

Place the cake back in the freezer until the frosting gets firm. Make vanilla pudding and dye it blue with food coloring and spoon it into the center of the cake make it a little wavy like water. Now to decorate your cake you can add your Rubber Duck birthday party message along the rim of the bathtub, put new clean Rubber Duckies or use yellow Peeps as ducks in the water, and use mini marshmallows in the water for soapy bubbles.

3-D Ducky Cake

You can purchase a variety of different Rubber Ducky cake pans online. Novelty cake pans typically come with complete decorating instructions. That way, even you can make a professional looking castle cake from home. Then to finish it off, you can add some Duck cake toppers and Rubber Ducky Candles .

Rubber Ducky Cupcakes

Here is one of the cutest Rubber Ducky 1st birthday party ideas for cupcakes. Make your cupcakes as directed on the mix box preferably on Rubber Ducky cupcake liners. Now Ice the cupcakes with blue frosting, you can do this by adding blue food coloring to white frosting. To top the cupcakes you can use new clean Mini Rubber Duckies or yellow Peeps as ducks, then take mini marshmallows and roll them into balls then place them next to the duck as bubbles. You could also use these Baby Duck Cupcake Picks and Wraps.

1st Birthday Party Ideas for Food

When picking your Rubber Duck 1st birthday party ideas for food for your baby's first birthday party menu, keep in mind that there will be two separate groups of people that will need to be fed. When planning food for a party most people typically only supply food for the older children and adults, but when it comes to throwing a Rubber Ducky 1st birthday party it's all about the babies.

The best foods for the other babies that will be at your baby's Rubber Duck birthday party are Gerber's stages 1 - 3 jarred foods. Contact the parents before the party and ask them what stage of jarred food their child eats and what their favorite jarred food is, it is a good idea to ask if any of their family members that will be attending your baby's birthday party have any food allergies.

For the children who are not quite able eat hard food but can eat soft table foods here is a list of 1st birthday party ideas for foods that are usually acceptable by this stage. (They are children usually between the ages of 1 - 2 years old.)

  • Pasta
  • Potato Salad
  • French Fries
  • Baked Beans
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Macaroni Salad
  • Sliced Soft Fruit (ex. banana, kiwi, peach)

For the older kids and the adults many party foods will fit your Rubber Duck birthday party theme perfectly, you can serve sub sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, vegetables and dip, cheeseburgers, chicken, fruit kabobs, pizza, chips, common finger foods, etc.

You can use a duck shaped cookie cutter to make all kinds of foods look like a duck. Here is a list of foods you can use a duck cookie cutter on.

  • Sub Sandwiches
  • Hamburgers
  • Cheese
  • Salad Lettuce
  • Homemade Duck Shaped Pizza
  • Brownies
  • Cookies
  • Watermelon
  • Jell-o

Duck Feed: Take Rubber Duck birthday party cupcake liners and fill them with a mix of gold fish crackers, cereal, nuts, Mike and Ike's, and mini marshmallows. To make them even more presentable you can add a Peeps marshmallow on top as a duck.

Rubber Ducky Jell-o Bath: Make Berry Blue flavored Jell-o in a white 13" x 9" Rectangular Casserole dish, when the Jell-o starts to firm up you can place mini marshmallows in the Jell-o for bubbles. (Don't over do the marshmallows they are only an accent to the dessert). When you present the Jell-o at the party place a few extra mini marshmallows on the top of the Jell-o, a couple Rubber Duckies, and if you want to add a soapy look around the marshmallows, you can add some whipped cream.

1st Birthday Party Ideas for Drinks

Some popular 1st birthday party ideas for Rubber Duck birthday party drinks are white milk (dyed yellow with food coloring), Juicy Juice - Harvest Surprise (one serving of Harvest Surprise contains 2 of the recommended servings of fruit & vegetables in a day). Another great tasting and great for kids drink is Capri Sun fruit-flavored Roarin' Waters.

Bubble Bath Punch: For this drink you can use Bodacious Berry Hawaiian Punch or any other blue colored drink, and if possible use a white punch bowl for that bathtub look. Now add ice (for bubbles) and clean Rubber Duckies.

Ducky Ice Cubes: Take a duck candy mold and fill it with Lemonade flavored Hawaiian Punch and put it in your freezer.

Duck-aid: Lemonade flavored Hawaiian Punch

Rubber Ducky 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Favors

Party favors are the perfect mementos to give your guests to thank them for attending your baby's Rubber Duck birthday party. Make sure that all of the party favors and Rubber Ducky party supplies that you buy are safe for small children. Avoid favors that break easily, are small, have pointed edges, or have small parts.

Here is a list of the most popular 1st birthday party ideas for Rubber Ducky party favors:

  • Mini Rubber Ducky
  • Race Car Driver Rubber Ducky
  • Ducky Bean Bag
  • Plastic Ducks
  • Rubber Ducky Personalized Stickers
  • Ducky Tattoos
  • Duck Shaped Sunglasses
  • Bubbles
  • Crayola Bathtub Crayons
  • Ducky Necklaces
  • Duck Shaped Soap Bar
  • Duck Hand Puppet
  • Duckie Bubble Bath
  • Duck Cookie Cutter
  • Water Toys

You can use small Ducky gift bags as party favor bags for your party guests to take their favors home in.

Rubber Duck 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Games and Activities

Here is a list of the best 1st birthday party ideas for Rubber Ducky games and activities out there!

Bubble Master #1: Lay out a 5 foot stretch of bubble wrap and have the children take turns walking across it. Who ever makes it all of the way across first without popping a bubble wins a prize. This is one of the few party games where the smaller children actually have a better chance of winning.

Bubble Master #2: Lay out 2' x 1' sections of large bubble wrap and have the children line up and start popping the bubbles at the same time. Who ever pops all of their bubbles first wins a prize.

Rubber Ducky Pinata: What better addition to the party’s games than a fun Ducky Pinata.

Where's Ducky: For this fun fast paced game you need a larger sized children's pool, liquid soap that is tear-free if possible, and mini Rubber Duckies. Cover the bottom of the pool with the liquid soap (the more the better) and then scatter the Duckies all over the pool. To get the best bubbles use a high pressure hose with a spray nozzle on the shower setting and spray the soap to fill the pool with bubbles. Have the children jump into the bubbles and give them 1 minute to collect as many Rubber Duckies as they can, the winner gets a prize.

Ducky Playdough: When it comes to 1st birthday party ideas for activities, playdough is always a must have. Playdough will help any child expand and explore their imagination, plus it's just plain fun! To make it true Rubber Duck birthday party playdough give the children yellow and orange playdough and Ducky cookie cutters. At the end of the party, you can send the playdough and the cookie cutters home as party favors.

Instead of buying ready-made playdough, you can make your own! To make these non-edible and edible playdough recipes fit your Rubber Duck birthday party theme simply separate your finished playdough evenly into two bowls. Then with latex gloves on add orange food coloring to one bowl and yellow to the other one and knead the food coloring in until the color has changed. It is best to use latex gloves when doing this or you will end up with yellow and orange hands, also change gloves before doing the other bowl to prevent color mixing. Here are our Homemade Playdough Recipes.

Ducky Colors: This Rubber Duck birthday party game takes some preparation, but it is well worth the effort. First make a list of 5 different prizes to give out and give each prize it's own color. (Make the prizes things that can be given to the same person twice, which will make the game fun to play repeatedly.)

You will need 5 different colored permanent markers and 25 balloons (5 of each color) in the colors you chose, now take 25 Rubber Duckies and separate them into groups of 5. Use the markers to mark each group of ducks a different color, the best place to mark is the bottom.

When the day of the Rubber Duck birthday party arrives, take a large sheet of foam board, cardboard, or a life-size Ducky cutout and scatter the balloons on it with tape. Fill a metal washtub, baby tub, or a kiddy pool with water and the marked Rubber Ducks. The children will have to pick up a duck and look at the color on the bottom. Then have them throw the Rubber Ducky at a balloon of that color and if they hit it they get that colors prize.

Ducky Race: Out of all of the 1st birthday party ideas for games this game is the most fun and amusing Rubber Duck birthday party game! Set up a stretch of safe obstacles like inflatable water toys and rafts, stuffed animals, and balloons and have the children race with water balloons while wearing flippers on their feet.

Use a whistle to signal the start of the race, then they will have to run through the obstacles to the other end of the course without going out of bounds carrying a water balloon. If they break the water balloon they will have to go back and get a new one, and when they reach the end they have to turn around and go back to the start line to win. The first person to make it back to the start line is the winner and wins a prize.

Tattoos: There are many 1st birthday party ideas for face paint substitutes, but the most fun and exciting for your now one year old is temporary tattoos. Face paint is typically not a good idea for 1st birthday parties, as they may eat it, rub it in their eyes, or get upset when they see everyone else wearing it when they can't.

Rubber, Rubber, Tickle Ducky: Put the children in groups of 5 or less and have an adult go around tapping each child's head saying Rubber (this will surely spark curiosity and a few giggles), then pick a child and say Ducky and start tickling.

This is a great and funny game because after you call Ducky a couple of times some of the children will burst out laughing when you tap them because they think they are about to get tickled. (The reason you should do this Rubber Duck birthday party game in groups of 5 or less is so that the children don't have too wait too long to be the goose and become bored)

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