1st Birthday Princess Party Ideas

Your little princess is finally turning one! We have the greatest 1st Birthday Princess party ideas you will find anywhere. With these Princess party ideas, your daughter is guaranteed to feel like true royalty from he moment the party begins. Below you will find the latest and most amazing princess first birthday party ideas, ideas for invitations, games, cakes, decorations, and much more...

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Princess Party Invitations

For this milestone event, you can choose to buy your 1st Birthday Princess Invitations and Princess 1st Birthday Thank-You Notes online, from a party supply store, or you can use our elegant and fun 1st Birthday Princess invitation ideas. The best time to mail your Princess birthday party invitations is three to four weeks before the party date. Put the address, date of party, party time, and the phone number and date to RSVP by on the back of all of your 1st Birthday Princess party invitations. If you choose to make your own 1st Birthday Princess invitations and would like to add a little extra flair to them, you can use a calligraphy style font when adding text to the cards

Princess Invitations

For this invitation, you will need to take the short sides of an 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of pink or lavender colored card stock paper and fold them together. Have a picture taken of your child in a Princess costume and either scan or download pictures of a few animated Princesses. Now print out the images small enough so that they will all fit on the front of the card. Cut them out and paste them all on the cover of the card, be sure to put your child's picture in the center of these 1st Birthday Princess invitations. You can use a pink gel pen to put your party information on the card.

Tiara Invitations

Purchase small novelty plastic Tiaras and attach a small pink or purple card to them. Then put your little girls 1st Birthday Princess party information on the inside of the card, you can add a princess sticker to the front and back of the outside of the card.

Authentic Scroll Invitation

If you want to make your own invitations, and still want to go all out for your baby girl's 1st Birthday Princess party, then these invitations are what you’re looking for. Using a calligraphy style font on your computer, type out one of the Princess invitation wording examples at the end of this invitation section, and print it out on regular printing paper. Wait an hour, (to be sure the printed ink has set) then you will need some tea bags (the darker the tea the better) and hot near-boiling water. Lay the invitations out writing side up on a protected hard surface and use the wet tea bag to lightly cover the paper in tea.

It should get very wet, be sure to be gentle while going over the text to avoid smudging. Wait 30 minutes then flip the invitation over and repeat the process. (Wipe surface before turning the invitation to do the other side) Now take the invitations and place them on a dry cloth to dry, if you are not satisfied with the color when they have dried repeat the process until they are the color you want them to be. Simply roll the Princess party invitations up. To keep the invitation closed you have quite a few options. You can make a wax seal with red wax and a dime sized crown stamp, roll the paper up and pour a dime sized blotch of wax over the edge of the paper and when the wax starts to get firm press the stamp into the wax then remove it.

You can also close the scroll with a princess sticker, tie a purple or pink ribbon around it, or put the invitation through the band of a novelty princess ring or hair tie. You can purchase cardboard mail tubes from an office supply store, then you can paint them either pink or lavender and add stick-on jewelry in patterns to the outsides of the tubes. After placing the scrolls into the tubes add glitter and confetti in the tube as well, them hand deliver then to your guests.

Are you having trouble deciding what to write on your homemade Princess birthday invitations? Here are a couple examples of what you can write on your invitations for the perfect 1st Birthday Princess party.

Example 1

Card Outside: The King and Queen of the (your last name) kingdom cordially invite you to Princess (child's name)'s 1st birthday celebration.

Card Inside: Princess (child's name)'s royal birthday celebration shall commence at (time) on the (date) day of (month) in the year (year). The celebration will be held at our (city you live in) castle at (address). Send word of your attendance by (RSVP date) to King/Queen (your last name) at (your phone number).

Example 2

Card Outside: A royal celebration is being held in the honor of the elegant Princess (child's name)'s 1st birthday at (time) on the (date) day of (month).

Card Inside: You are hereby summoned on the behalf of Princess (child's name) to attend her royal gala. The celebration shall commence in the kingdom of (your last name) at (your address). All who will attend must inform King/Queen (your last name) at (your phone number) by (RSVP date).

Princess Party Decorating Ideas

The best colors to use at your daughters 1st Birthday Princess party are lavender, pink, white, silver, and gold. You should decorate with balloons and streamers in these colors.

If you want the perfect streamers for your baby's party, then use Princess 1st Birthday Streamers. Hang lavender and pink streamers all over the party area, you can hang them over the top and down the sides of doorways, on party tables, down from branches of trees, on chairs, railing, and anywhere else you think could use a little pizzazz.

Mylar balloons are the best balloons to buy for a first birthday party, as they are safer for young children and are harder to pop. There are countless places you can put balloons at your child's 1st birthday Princess party.

The most popular places to attach balloons are to your mailbox, on the ends of your banners, chairs, tables, and table umbrellas. You can make lavender and silver balloon arches over your doorways or you can just place Princess 1st Birthday Balloons throughout the party area with Balloon Weights.

Cover your party tables with pink and purple tablecloths, but if you want your baby's party to look extra special use Princess Plastic Tablecovers. You can also use Princess Tableware like plates, cups, and napkins. You can roll pink and purple plastic utensils in the princess napkins and then tie them closed with a pink or purple ribbon. Here's a list of different types of birthday party tableware.

You can purchase or make your own Princess 1st Birthday Banner, the best places to put a banner are at the entrance to welcome your guests, above the gift table, and at the main party area of your first birthday party. Here are a couple great Princess 1st birthday banners.

You can have either pictures of various animated Princesses or your daughter in a Princess costume enlarged and laminated to be used as placemats, after the party is over you can let the guests take theirs home with them as a keepsake of your daughters fabulous 1st Birthday Princess party. If you want to be fancy with your placemats, you can use pink or lavender lace placemats. You can also decorate your party tables with star, heart, or Princess confetti and Princess suckers and candy hearts.

You have the choice of either purchasing the Princess Table Centerpieces for your baby's 1st Birthday Princess party or you can make your own homemade centerpieces. Take toy doll Princesses or toy castles and attach a bouquet of purple and pink balloons to them.

Another beautiful Princess party table centerpiece idea is to put clear vases with real or artificial flowers on the tables. To decorate the vases you can put glitter inside the vases and attach stick-on jewelry to their outsides, another option is to add a lavender or purple tulle bow or a tiara around the necks of the vases.

Do you want to have a red carpet welcoming for your guests? You can cut an actual red carpet or red blankets to make a path from the parking area to your daughters 1st Birthday Princess party area to make your guests feel like they are truly on their way to a royal birthday celebration. One fun red carpet idea is that if you have a sidewalk leading from your driveway to your front door or backyard you can color it in by using either red chalk or Crayola Washable red poster and craft paint.

Do you want a red carpet leading up to your little Princesses thrown (highchair)? Take sheets of red construction paper and tape them together, now use spray adhesive on the construction paper then immediately cover the paper with shredded red feathers. If some construction paper is still visible, repeat the process again until your royal Princess has a beautiful red-feathered path to her thrown.

First you can cover the back of the chair and the legs in pink and lavender tulle fabric, then you can put a large bow on the back of the chair and small bows on the bottom of the chairs legs.To finish, add streamers down the sides and back of the chair and place stick-on jewelry along the top, sides, legs, and the outside edge of the tray. 

You can tape enlarged and laminated pictures of princesses and knights or princess wall decals and backgrounds and place them outside around your party area. You can tape them on walls, fences, table umbrellas, the backs and seats of chairs, coolers, doors, and trees. On the inside of your house, you can take Princess Posters and place them all over the walls in the party area.

The greatest thing about all of these ideas is that none of them will go to waste, because after the party is over you can take these decorations and decorate your daughter's bedroom with them.

Play Princess themed music or a Disney Princess movie in the background, and when the children arrive to the party decorate them with Princess 1st Birthday Cone Hats or Princess Tiara's. You can also decorate with some of your child's Princess dolls, toys, and books. Put them out where they can be seen and played with. (Make sure that all items placed within reach of small children are large enough and age appropriate, to avoid choking hazards.)

Do you want life-size 1st Birthday Princess and castle cutouts? It's easy; Click here to find out how: Do It Yourself Life Size Cardboard Cutouts.

Princess Birthday Party Icebreaker Activities

Princess Playdough: Playdough is a great way to start any first birthday party. Playdough helps children to expand and explore their imagination, plus it's just plain fun! To make it true 1st Birthday Princess party playdough give the children pink and purple glitter playdough and give them Princess, crown, or heart shaped cookie cutters. At the end of the party, you can send the playdough and the cookie cutters home as party favors.

Instead of buying ready-made playdough, you can make your own! To make these non-edible and edible playdough recipes fit your 1st Birthday Princess theme simply separate your finished playdough evenly into two bowls. Then with latex gloves on, add pink food coloring to one bowl and purple to the other one and knead the food coloring until the color has changed.

It is best to use latex gloves when doing this or you will end up with pink and purple hands, also change gloves before doing the other bowl to prevent color mixing. After the colors are completely mixed into the play dough, you can add glitter to give it the final princess touch. For the non-edible playdough mix regular glitter into the playdough, and for the edible play dough, you can add edible glitter. Homemade Playdough Recipes.

Tattoos: Temporary tattoos are an exciting 1st Birthday Princess party substitute for face painting. Face paint is typically not a good idea for 1st birthday parties, as babies may eat it, rub it in their eyes, or get upset when they see everyone else wearing it when they can't. The best girl tattoos to give out at a Princess birthday party are of Princesses, crowns, and hearts.

Endless Memories: Even though your daughter will probably not remember this birthday that doesn't mean she cannot have countless mementos from this very special milestone in her life, the best way to do this is by making a first birthday time capsule.

Carriage Rides: Take a wooden wagon and paint it white and when the paint dries attach a white umbrella onto its side or back end. For a little extra flair, you can add floral decals to the wagon, princess stickers to the top and inside of the umbrella, and use a hot glue gun to attach a purple or pink feather boa to the edge of the umbrella. Then on the day of your little baby girls 1st Birthday Princess party, give the children rides in the wagon one at a time or in pairs. Be sure to take pictures and have Princess themed party music playing in the background.

First Birthday Party Food and Drink

Princess Cake Ideas

Princess Birthday Cake #1

You can purchase a variety of different castle cake pans online. 

Princess Castle Birthday Cake #2

Bake a cake and frost it with pink, white and purple icing then add a magnificent Princess 1st Birthday Cake Topper.

Princess Castle Birthday Cake #3

If the 1st birthday princess themed cake pans mentioned on this page aren't what you’re looking for try this beautiful homemade 1st birthday princess castle cake. This cake will take some preparation and time, but when you have finished the cake, it will have been well worth it.

For this amazing 1st Birthday Princess Birthday Cake you will need:

2 - 13x9x2 inch cake pans
1 - 9x9x2 inch cake pan
3 - cake boards
3 - boxes of cake mix
1 - icing decorating bag
2 - bags of white chocolate chips
4 - cake ice-cream cones
4 - sugar ice-cream cones
4 - containers of white icing
4 - purple gummy Dots candies
1 - unbroken graham cracker
1 - 1/4-inch paintbrush
1 - Princess Candle

Green, pink and purple icing coloring
Pink and yellow colored taffy candy
Pink, white and yellow sparkle gel (optional)
Decorating bag tips
Star tipped 17, 18, and 21
Round tipped 2, 3
Multi-opening 233

To make this 1st birthday princess cake you will need to bake two 13x9x2 inch cakes and one 9x9x2 cake as directed on the cake mix boxes. After the cakes have cooled, transfer them to cake boards. Now cut the 9x9x2 cake into four equal 3x3x2 squares. Freeze the cakes for 30 minutes; this will help keep the cake from crumbling as you apply the icing.

Take a graham cracker and cut it with a small serrated knife to 3 1/2 inches in length. Then, using the knife, round off the side that had been cut to resemble a door shape. Heat the white chocolate on the stove over low heat until it melts. Then coat one side of the graham cracker and the outsides of all the cake and sugar cones with the melted white chocolate making them as smooth and uniformed as possible. Place the cones and graham cracker on a tray to cool down and harden.

Once you remove the cakes from the freezer, scoop out the centers of the 3x3x2 cakes to fit the bottoms of the cake cones, make sure the hole you make is smaller than the top portion of the cone. Then ice the tops and sides of them.

Using the white icing, ice the top and sides of one of the 13x9x2 cake, then gently place the second 13x9x2 cake evenly on top of the iced cake. Line them up as close as you can, then ice the entire cake with white icing. Make sure the sides of the two stacked cakes are iced evenly and are flat as these will be your castles walls. Place the four iced 3x3x2 pieces of cake in each of the four corners on the top of the 13x9x2 cakes 1cm from the edges.

Cut off 1/2 an inch off the bottoms of the sugar cones with a serrated knife and all the excess chocolate off the edges of all of the cones and the graham cracker door. Put the bottoms of the cake cones in the holes that you make in the 3x3x2 pieces of cake. If the cone is loose or not level additional icing can be placed at the sides of the cone in the hole. (Do not put icing on the exposed cone)

Take the sugar cones and put a thin strip of icing along the brim of the cone and secure them upside down into the cake cones evenly leaving a portion of the cake cones brim exposed. Using a small paint brush (preferably 1/4 an inch in width) brush the white sparkle gel onto the entire exposed area of the cake and sugar cones and the white chocolate coated side of the graham cracker.

Place the graham cracker door on the center of one of the 13" sides of the cake using a dab of white icing to attach.(This will be the front of your cake and the door to the castle.) Split the remaining icing into three separate bowls and add the green, pink and purple icing coloring to each bowl as directed on the container.

Using the #17 star tip fill the icing decorating bag with the pink icing and make a shell shaped border on the cake around the bottom part of the cake cones. Then, switch out the #17 tip with the #18 star tip and proceed to make a shell shaped border along the brims of the cake ice cream cones where the two different style cones meet.

Now, switch out the #18 tip with the #21 star tip and place a 3/4 of an inch blotch of pink icing over the cut bottoms of the sugar cones. Then, place a single purple gummy Dots candy on top of the pink icing blotches you just made. Replace the #21 tip with the #3 round tip and use it to make a border around the castle door and a straight vertical line down the center of it. Now, use it to write your child’s 1st birthday princess birthday message on the top center of the cake.

On a sheet of wax paper and using a rolling pin flatten out the pink and yellow taffy candies to a 1/8 of and inch thick. (If taffy sticks to rolling pin use a small amount of powered sugar on the rolling pin.) Using a sharp knife coated with Pam cooking spray cut out 8 pink squares and 8 yellow circles no larger than 3/4 of an inch in width and height. Then cut out 9 pink squares and 9 yellow circles no larger than 1 1/4 of an inch in width and height. Remove the excess taffy and gently round off the shaped taffy's edges with a cooking spray coated spoon.

Clean the pink icing out of the icing decorating bag and with the #21 star tip attached fill it with the purple icing. Use the purple icing to make a shell shaped border along the outside edge of the 3x3x2 pieces of cake on top and along the outside edge of the top of the cake. Now, switch out the #21 tip with the #2 Round tip and make two door handles in the center of the door 1/8 of an inch from the line down the middle.

The small taffy circles and squares will be used in the centers of the sides of the four 3x3x2 pieces of cake. (Place the squares on the cake at an angle so they look like diamonds.) When placing shapes on the cake make sure you alternate the shapes so no two sides have matching shapes on them.

Now it's time to place the taffy's on the bottom 13x9x2 inch cake. Start on either side of the door on the front of the cake and work your way around the cake placing the remaining larger taffy shapes on the cake until you get back around to the other side of the door on the front of the cake. (Remember to alternate the shapes as you did on the top)

The front and sides will each have a total of 4 taffy's. (2 of each shape) The backside of the cake will have a total of 6 taffy's. (3 of each shape) Now using a small 1/4-inch brush gently glaze the yellow candies with the yellow sparkle gel and the pink candies with the pink sparkle gel.

Now using the multi-opening 233 icing tip fill the icing bag with the green icing and starting at one side of the door make a grass boarder around the base of the cake, stopping when you reach the other side of the door. (Do not make the grass boarder in front of the door in the front of the cake.) To finish the cake, add the candle and you have successfully made your baby's 1st birthday princess cake.

Princess Cupcake Ideas

Make strawberry cupcakes with pink icing using a Princess Cupcake Stand Kit for the perfect party food table arrangement or send them home with the party guests in Princess Cupcake Boxes!

Princess Party Food

When picking your 1st birthday princess party food for your baby's first birthday party menu, you must keep in mind that there will be two separate groups of people that will need to be fed. When planning food for a party most people typically only supply food for the older children and adults, but when it comes to throwing a 1st Birthday Princess party it's all about the babies.

Contact the parents before the party and ask them what stage of jarred food their child eats and what their favorite jarred food is, it is also a good idea to ask if any of their family members that will be attending your baby's birthday party have any food allergies.

The best choices of foods for the babies that will be at your baby's Princess birthday party are Gerber's stages 1 - 3 jarred foods. Don't forget your baby's Princess 1st Birthday Bib when you serve them their food and cake!

For the younger children who are only able to eat soft table foods, here is a list of foods that are typically acceptable by this stage of development. (These children are usually between the ages of 1 - 2 years old.)

  • Pasta
  • Potato Salad
  • French Fries
  • Baked Beans
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Macaroni Salad
  • Sliced Soft Fruit (ex. banana, kiwi, peach)
For the older kids and the adults many party foods will fit your Princess party theme perfectly, you can serve sub sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, vegetables and dip, cheeseburgers, chicken, fruit kabobs, pizza, chips, common finger foods, etc. 1st Birthday Drinks

Some popular 1st birthday princess party drinks are white or strawberry milk, Juicy Juice - Harvest Surprise (one serving of Harvest Surprise contains 2 of the recommended servings of fruit & vegetables in a day). Another great tasting and great for kids drink is Capri Sun fruit-flavored Roarin' Waters.

Perfect Princess Milkshake: For this fabulous 1st Birthday Princess drink all you need is 1 1/2 cups strawberries, 1/2 cup orange juice, 1/2 cup cherry juice, 1 1/2 cups vanilla ice cream, and 3 tablespoons sugar. Blend all ingredients in a blender until they reach a creamy consistency.

Princess Party Favors

Party favors are the perfect mementos to give your guests to thank them for attending your baby's 1st Birthday Princess party. Make sure that all of the party favors and Princess party supplies that you buy are safe for small children. Avoid favors that break easily, are small, have pointed edges, or have small parts. 

With these Princess Favor Packs your guests are certain to leave your baby’s Princess 1st birthday party with a smile on their face. Here is a list of the most popular 1st birthday princess party favor ideas:

At the end of the party, you can send the guests home with a Princess party purse to keep their party favors in.

Princess Party Games and Activities

Stick the Princess Crown on the Castle Game: This Princess Crown Castle Game is a great Princess themed twist to a classic birthday party game!

Princess Puppet Theater: If you don't already own Royal family puppets, you can either purchase or borrow some. You can use tissue boxes and gray and black paint to make a castle and either you or some imaginative friends can put together a Princess puppet show. You can get ideas from various Disney Princess movies and remember to name the Princess puppet after your daughter.

Runaway Prince Busy Bump: In a large room, play Princess themed music and drive your Prince busy bump around the room. Have an adult get on their hands and knees and start to chase it around showing the baby girls what to do. Be sure to use a space large enough so that you won't have to drive it towards the children and possibly scare them, make sure that you keep it a chasing activity. Give the children a sucker when they catch the prince. Keep reading to learn how to make your own prince busy bump.

Take a slow moving small remote controlled car, make sure it is either made for small children or has a low speed setting to avoid injuries. Now find a plastic bowl that will fit evenly over the top of the remote controlled car leaving at least 1.5 centimeters of space between the edge of the bowl and the floor, now attach the bowl evenly to the car with tape. The best way of doing this is applying tape across the top of the bowl with duct tape all the way around across the center of the bottom of the car, make sure you make a hole for the antenna as well. Depending on what kind of batteries the remote controlled car takes, make sure the batteries are new or fully charged before taping it to the bowl.

Now you can decorate the top of the bowl to match your 1st Birthday Princess party theme. You should first paint it either pink or lavender to hide the tape, when the paint dries you can hot glue a toy Prince or Ken doll on top. Add pastel colored craft pom poms, Princess stickers, and even tulle ribbon. Before you tape and decorate the busy bump, make sure the bowl and prince you use aren't too heavy that it will not be able to move.

Princess Pinata: What better addition to your baby's party than on of this amazingly fun Princess Party Pinata. (Pull string kits available.)

Princess Handprints: You can purchase Group Hand Print Kits or make your own plaster or clay handprint kits and enough small plastic Tupperware containers for all the children attending. The Tupperware containers will need to be at lease 1 1/2 inches deep and wide enough to fit both of the children's hands. When mixing the plaster/clay add purple food coloring and glitter so when it dries the plaster/clay will be a shimmering purple. Then before the children do their handprints cover their hands in a pink non-toxic paint. At the end of the party let your guests take them home as a keepsake of your baby's 1st Birthday Princess party.

Royal Bubbles: Give the girls Bubble Wands, which are a must have. They add decoration and fun to your daughters 1st Birthday Princess party, and can be sent home as party favors. If the children are blowing their own bubbles have them use spill proof bottles and wands. While the children are crawling and running around chasing the bubbles and waving around their bubble wands, it is a great idea to have some Princess party music playing in the background to get your guests moving. Be sure to do this activity where there is no chance of slipping.

Have you ever tried to make your own bubble mixture at home and it didn't work? Here's the formula for making the perfect homemade bubble mixture. Homemade Bubble Recipes

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