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1st Birthday Party Ideas

Give your baby the perfect Blue's Clues 1st birthday party with our free Blue's Clues First Birthday Party Planning Guide. We give you the best themed birthday party ideas and resources available to cover every aspect of your baby's party.

Blue's Clues is a children's program on Nickelodeon that has been a favorite among children ages 6 months to 4 years since it first debuted in 1996 and every year it becomes even more popular.

*Important money saving facts: Your Blue's Clues 1st birthday party supplies can be up to three times cheaper if purchased online. For an average sized birthday party, buying your Blue's Clues party supplies online instead of going to your local party supplies store can save you up to $150 or more, then there is the time and gas money you will save as well.

Blue's Clues Invitations

For this special event, you can choose to buy your Blue's Clues invitations online, from a party supply store, or you can use our fun, easy and adorable Blue's Clues first birthday ideas for invitations. The best time to mail your Blue's Clues birthday invitations is three to four weeks before the party date. Put the address, date of party, party time, and the phone number and date to RSVP by on the back of all of your Blue's Clues 1st Birthday party invitations.

If you want high quality inexpensive invitations, check out these Blue's Clues Invitations and Thank-You Notes.

Baby Blue Invitation

Take a picture of your baby dressed up in a Blue's Clues costume. To make it look extra special, you can surround your child with Blue's Clues stuffed animals and toys and/or a theme related background, backdrop, or mural.

Then print the pictures out on white card stock paper and cut them out, make sure you print and cut out enough for all of the invitations. Now take the short sides of 8 1/2" by 11" sheets of light blue cardstock paper and fold them together. Glue the picture of your child on the front center of the card and write your cover message above and below the picture and the party information on the inside of the card.

The most presentable way of writing your invitation message and party information on a first birthday party invitation is to use either a word processor program on your computer and print it on or use either gel pens or markers and numbers and lettering stencils that are relevant to your baby's Blues Clues 1st birthday theme.

Paw Print Invitation

For this Blue's Clues 1st birthday invitation, you will need a paw print coloring page scanned of downloaded to your computer. Then open the picture onto your computers drawing or graphics program. (Most computers come with a drawing or graphics program pre-installed as part of its software package) Select one of the paw prints and crop the rest of the image out, and then enlarge the remaining paw print to your desired invitation size.

Print one enlarged paw print out on thick cardstock paper and cut out the dotted lines along the outside of the paw print to make a template. Trace along the outside of the paw print template onto light blue cardstock paper and then cut them out. When you have cut out enough of the light blue card stock paper paw prints for all of the Blue's Clues 1st birthday invitations, take the enlarged paw print you used as your tracing guide and cut out each circular section in its center. A craft knife may be helpful for this step.

Lay out a roll of dark blue felt topside down and using a black marker and the tracing paw print trace on the paw prints pads on the back of the felt. (Trace enough pad sets for all of the light blue cardstock paw prints you cut out) Cut the paw print pads out of the felt and glue them in the original positioning they were in on the original pre-printed paw prints onto the light blue cardstock paw prints you cutout. On the opposite side use a bright theme colored gel pen to write out your baby's Blue's Clues 1st birthday party information.

3-D Invitation

This is a very cute and simple Blue's Clues 1st birthday invitation. All you need to do is print your party message out on a luggage tag sized (about 3" x 4") slip of cardstock paper. Then attach it to a small Blue's Clues related toy or stuffed animal and hand deliver them to the people on your guest list.

Blue's Clues 1st Birthday Decorations

The best main colors to use for a Blue's Clues 1st birthday party are white and various light and dark shades of blue. If these colors are not enough, primary colors will work well as secondary party colors. A party's color scheme is important as it helps tie together various party items such as table covers, balloons, and streamers.

Blue’s Clues Mylar Balloons are the best balloons to buy for your baby's Blue's Clues 1st birthday party. They are safer for young children and are harder to pop. The best and most festive places to attach balloons are to the post of your mailbox, on the edges of your party banners, backs of chairs, corners and legs of tables, to table umbrellas, and arched over doorways.

Here is a list of the top greatest looking Blues Clues birthday party balloons out there.
Hang light blue and dark blue or light blue and white streamers all over the party area. Give your party's ceilings some extra flair with these Blue's Clues Foil Dangling Decoration Disc Hangers. Here is a list of places you can use Blue’s Clues themed streamers to tie the empty spaces in the party area to your baby's Blue's Clues 1st birthday party theme.
  • On chairs
  • Stair railing
  • On bushes
  • Hanging off party tables
  • Down from branches of trees
  • Over the top and down the sides of doorways
  • Draping over the entrance of doorways
Here are some great ideas for your party tables. If you want your baby's Blue's Clues birthday party to look extra special the best way to go is to use Blue's Clues Tablecovers with Blue's Clues Confetti sprinkled around and this Blue's Clues Tableware.

If you are not interested in or do not have the money for store bought themed table covers and tableware, you can still very easily decorate your tables and tableware using the party's color scheme. Just cover your party tables with light blue tablecloths with dark blue plates, dark blue napkins, dark blue plastic knives and forks, yellow spoons (Shovel), and red cups (Pail). For the bare spots on your party tables, you can use 2 sided tape to tape dark blue paw prints cut out of construction paper and place them sporadically all over the table cover.

You have a couple of very cute options for Blue's Clues 1st birthday placemats. Either you can have pictures of Blue's Clue characters or your baby in a Blue costume enlarged and laminated to be used as party placemats. Another great idea is to glue a piece of light blue felt on one side of a 19" x 14" sheet of light blue poster board. Then cut large paw prints out of dark blue felt. (Make the felt paw prints large enough to fit two on each placemat)

Now glue two paw prints on each placemat and then you can take the placemats to a quick copy shop like Kinko's or an office supply store like Staples and have them laminated. Now you have the perfect Blue's Clues 1st birthday placemats, after the party is over you can let the guests take theirs home with them as a keepsake of your baby's first birthday party.

You can either purchase this Blues Clues Stand-Up Table Centerpiece for your baby's Blue's Clues 1st birthday party or you can make your own homemade centerpieces. Here are some great first birthday ideas for making table centerpieces. Place a different large stuffed animal or plush toy of each Blue's Clues character in the center of the party tables. For an added touch, you can add either a Blue's Clues Cone Hat or a bouquet of light blue, dark blue, and white colored helium balloons or a single helium Blue Shaped Mylar Balloon to the table centerpieces.

At the entrance of the party you can make or purchase a welcome sign that says, "Welcome to (your child's name)'s Blue's Clues 1st Birthday Party". You can take Blue's Clues character paw print cutouts or enlarged laminated Blue's Clues Character pictures and place them on the ground from the parking area to the front door or backyard depending on where the party is being held.

You can use paw print, dog bone, and/or dog shaped stencils and theme colored chalk to make theme related images up the sidewalk leading to your house. If you don't have a sidewalk, you can tie alternating light and dark blue latex balloons to party stakes and put them in the ground to make a path from the driveway to the party area.

Another great idea is to have a Blue's Clues video playing in a quiet area of your home that can still be accessed by your guests, that way the smaller children have somewhere to go to unwind incase they become overwhelmed by the party atmosphere. One of the easiest and best ways to decorate the background of the party is to tape Blue's Clues posters or enlarged laminated pictures around the party area. The best places that you can put these Blue's Clues 1st birthday decorations that otherwise would have not been decorated on are...

  • Walls
  • Siding
  • Doors
  • Trees
  • Fences
  • Baby gates
  • Seats of chairs
  • Backs of chairs
  • Table umbrellas
  • Cooler or ice chest
  • Baby play areas (eye level, for the babies to enjoy)
On the inside of your house, you can take Blue's Clues Wall Stickers and window stickers or blue paw prints cut out of construction paper and place them all over the walls in the party area. If you have light blue curtains you can use two-sided tape to attach 3 to 4 inch wide circular shapes cut out of dark blue felt to the curtains to resemble Blue's fur. You can purchase or make your own Blue’s Clues Banners, the best places to put a banner are at the entrance to welcome your guests, above the gift table, above the birthday cake, and in the main party area of your baby's first birthday party. Here are two great Blues Clues party banners you can use for your party!

You can decorate the party area with some of your child's Blue's Clues toys, books, stuffed animals, and Blue's Clues music. Put the toys out where they can be seen and played with. (Make sure that all items placed within reach of small children are large enough and age appropriate, to avoid choking hazards.) If you have a play area set up for the smaller children be sure to decorate the bottoms of the walls in that area so the babies can enjoy the decorations too!

A very popular tradition among 1st birthday parties is to decorate the birthday baby's highchair. This can be done easily with either a Blue's Clues 1st birthday highchair kit or decorating the highchair yourself.

There are very simple things you can do to turn your baby's high chair into a seat worthy of your baby on their special day.

First you can cover the back of the chair and the legs in light and dark blue tulle fabric, then you can use light and dark blue streamers down the sides and back of the chair and place Blue's Clues stickers along the top, sides, legs, and the outside edge of the tray.

Then tie a Blue's Clues helium Mylar Balloon to the back of the highchair with a theme colored ribbon.

You can make large cardboard cutouts of Blue's Clues characters or objects and use them at the entrance of the party to greet your guests, at the gift table to instruct where to place the gifts, or take Polaroid pictures of the parents standing next to them with their children before your child's Blue's Clues 1st birthday party ends.

Do you want life-size Blue's Clues character and object cutouts? It's easy! Click here to find out how: Do It Yourself Life Size Cardboard Cutouts

Blue's Clues 1st Birthday Icebreakers

Here is a list of the best and most popular Blue's Clues 1st birthday icebreakers and arrival activities for the babies and older children who may be attending your baby's party.

Blue's Playdough: Blue's Playdough will be an amazing addition to your baby's Blue's Clues 1st birthday party, and more importantly it will spark curiosity and creativity in your baby and party guests.

Give the birthday baby and other little guest's plastic theme shaped cookie cutters and some light and dark blue colored Playdough. If the babies choose not to use their cookie cutter, that's ok, just let them play and explore at their own pace, the cookie cutters can be sent home with your guests as a party favor.

Do you want to make your own homemade playdough for your baby's Blue's Clues 1st birthday party? Here are some Homemade Playdough Recipes, there are non-edible and edible playdough recipes to help take away that worry of "What will happen if my child ate some of it?"

To make these non-edible and edible playdough recipes fit your baby's Blue's Clues theme simply separate your finished playdough evenly into two bowls. Then with latex gloves on, use food coloring to dye one bowl light blue and the other dark blue. After adding the food coloring, simply knead the food coloring in until the color has changed.

It is best to use latex gloves when doing this or you will end up with two different colored hands, also change gloves before doing the other bowl to prevent color mixing. If the party is for a girl, add glitter to give it the final touch. For the non-edible playdough recipes, mix regular glitter into the playdough, and for the edible play dough, you can mix in edible glitter.

Make sure that you have a clean rubber or plastic mat set up for this activity, not just for your floor’s safety, but also more importantly for the children's safety. Be sure that you choose a mat that is hard to tear or bend, so it will not be a choking hazard for the children.

Blue's Bubbles: There isn't a baby out there who doesn't love bubbles, and that’s why popping bubbles is the best and definitely the most fun way to start your baby's Blue's Clues first birthday party. Although, you can blow the bubbles yourself, it will certainly be easier and save you valuable party time to use a Party Bubble Machine, and if you are having children blow their own bubbles have them use Blue's Clues Bubbles and wands.

While the children are crawling and running around chasing and popping the bubbles and waving around their bubble wands, it is a great idea to have Blue's Clues music playing in the background to help keep the children in an active cheerful mood.

Make sure that bubbles are not blown over any children's swimming pools you may have at the party. Some children may try to run and jump in the pool to catch them, which could cause an injury. It is also important to realize that the children will likely be spilling some bubble mixture on the ground, so have them do this icebreaker activity on a non-smooth surface to avoid slipping.

Have you ever tried to make your own bubble mixture at home and it didn't work? Here's the formula for making the perfect homemade bubble mixture. Homemade Bubble Recipes

Story Time: Gather the children in a circle and read a story from a Blue's Clues storybook. To make the story time extra special have the reader wear a shirt that resembles the one's that either Joe or Steve wear. (If you are conflicted as to which shirt to purchase, pick the shirt of the one in the story you will be reading.)

Blues Clues Coloring Pages: It is important to inform all of the parents prior to the party that there will be art activities at your baby's Blue's Clues 1st birthday party. That way, they can dress their children appropriately, to avoid any nice or new clothes from being stained or ruined. Make sure that there is always an adult present while small children are coloring and finger painting, since children tend to want to mark on everything in the room. Also remember marker lids and broken crayons can be choking hazards.

Provide the kids with crayons and markers, and have them color in Blue's clues coloring books while waiting for the other guests to arrive. To keep the party as mess-free as possible use Crayola Color Wonders markers and finger-paints on Blue's Clues Color Wonders coloring sheets. Either you can give each child their own separate sheets to paint or draw on or you can tape many of the sheets together and have the children paint and draw in a group.

Blue's Clues 1st Birthday Food

Blue's Clues Birthday Cake Ideas

Blue's Clues Cake

You can purchase a Blues Clues Dog with Banner Cake Pan, the character cake pans come with complete decorating instructions. Now even you can make a professional looking cake from home. When you have finished the cake, add a Blue's Clue's Birthday Candle.

Mailbox Cake

The directions for this cake are for a 11" x 15" x 2" rectangular cake pan, but you can scale the directions up or down depending on the size of the party.

For this Blue's Clues 1st birthday cake you should bake a cake mix of your choice preferably in an 11" x 15" x 2" rectangular cake pan. For a fun touch you can use a white cake mix and stir a couple drops of purple food coloring into it prior to cooking to match the inside of the cake with its outside. After the cake has cooled cut 1/2" off the right and bottom sides of the cake, you want to cut off just enough to give the bottom right and left and top right corners a nice squared edge. (Doing this should leave you with three squared corners on the cake and the one rounded top left corner.)

Now take one tub of white ready-made cake frosting and use purple gel frosting dye to dye it a medium purple. Then take another tub of white ready-made cake frosting and split it evenly into two separate bowls. Use the purple gel frosting dye to color one bowl of frosting a light shade of purple as close to lavender as possible, and dye the other bowl of frosting dark purple.

Insert toothpicks to mark off a line 5" into the cake from the left side it should reach from the upper to the lower part of the top of the cake. Now use the light purple/lavender colored frosting to color this 5" wide section. When applying the frosting to the top right corner of this 5" section round it off to resemble the rounded off edge on the other side of this 5" section. Then use the medium colored purple frosting to evenly color the remainder of the unfrosted cake including its sides.

Fill a decorating bag that has either a star #16 tip or a shell #21 tip with the dark purple frosting and use it to make the border along the bottom edge, top edge, and between the two different colored sections of the cake. Take a red colored fruit leather/Fruit Roll Up and cut it out in the shape of a mailbox's flag and place it 2" from the upper portion of the left side of the medium purple colored frosting section. (Make sure you leave enough room for the birthday message.)

In the light purple colored section add two sanitized extra large googly eyes to the upper portion and a red Twizzler Pull n' Peel in a "U" shape to the lower portion. Then to finish off the cake add the birthday message and theme related birthday candle. Now you finally have the perfect Blue's Clues 1st birthday Mailbox cake!

Blue's Paw Print Cupcakes

You can use this awesome Blue's Clues Cupcake Topper Kit to decorate your Blue's Clues cupcakes or this amazingly simple yet fun Blue's Clues 1st birthday party idea for cupcakes. For these cupcakes you will need white cupcake mix. Mix the cake batter according to the directions on the box, then add blue food coloring. Then bake the cupcakes as directed. Take a tub of ready-made white frosting and dye it a light shade of blue with food coloring then frost the cupcakes. Take white molded sugar paw prints and dye them dark blue with mist food color spray. Wait 20 min and then to finish them off add the paw prints to the tops of the cupcakes.

First Birthday Party Food

Before you make a decision on the foods you will be serving at your baby's Blue's Clues 1st birthday party, it is best to contact the families that will be attending the party to see if they have any food or drink allergies. It is a nice gesture to your guests to supply food to the other babies that will be attending the party. When planning party food most people typically supply food only for the older children and adults, but when it comes to throwing your baby's Blue's Clues first birthday party, it's all about the babies.

The best foods to feed the babies at your baby’s Blue's Clues 1st birthday party are Gerber's stages 1 - 3 jarred foods. Contact the parents prior to the party to ask them what stage of jarred food their child is at and which flavor of jarred food is their favorite. For the children who have not quite mastered eating hard food but can still eat soft table foods, here is a list of foods that are usually acceptable by this stage. (They are children usually between the ages of 1 - 2 years old.)

  • Pasta
  • French Fries
  • Potato Salad
  • Baked Beans
  • Cheese Puffs
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Macaroni Salad
  • Sliced Soft Fruit (ex. banana, kiwi, peach)

Party food for the adults and older kids doesn't have to be theme related, as most of the guests including the guest of honor will not be eating it. Themed oriented foods are typically made to entertain the children, and unless there will be a large amount of older children at the party you should just prepare average picnic or barbeque style foods.

Some popular first birthday ideas for Blue Clue 1st birthday party drinks are chocolate milk, Juicy Juice - Harvest Surprise (one serving of Harvest Surprise contains 2 of the recommended servings of fruit & vegetables in a day). Another great tasting and great for kids drink is Capri Sun fruit-flavored Roarin' Waters.

Berry Blue Smoothie: For this Blue's Clues 1st birthday party drink, you'll need..

  • 3 cups crushed ice
  • 4 tablespoons honey
  • 1 1/2 cups orange juice
  • 2 peeled chunked bananas
  • 1 1/2 cups blueberry yogurt
  • 1 large scoop vanilla ice cream
  • 2 cups slightly thawed frozen blueberries

Put all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. Thin out with more orange juice if desired.

Blue's Clues Party Favors

When giving out Blue's Clues Party Favors it is important to avoid favors that are smaller than 1/2 an inch, break easily, have small parts, and have pointed edges. Sending your guests home with party favors is the perfect way of thanking them for attending your baby's Blue's Clues first birthday party.

You can use this great Blue's Clues 48-Piece Favor Pack or this list of the most popular individual ideas for Blue's Clues party favors: You can purchase Blue's Clues Party Favor Boxes and Blue's Clues Party Treat Bags with theme related graphics on them from a party supply store. If you don't like any of the store bought favor bags or boxes available for a Blue's Clues party, you can use a red pail and yellow shovel with faces drawn on them as your baby's party's favor containers.

Blue's Clues Games and Activities

You can use this Blue's Clues Party Game or this awesome list of the best ideas for Blue's Clues 1st birthday party games and activities out there!

Here is a list of the best ideas for Blue's Clues 1st birthday party games and activities out there!

Blue’s Clues Pinata: A Pinata is the perfect Blue's Clues 1st birthday party game, and with it being your baby’s first birthday party make sure you use a pull-string pinata.

Blue's Pail Toss: This is a great active Blue's Clues 1st birthday party game. For this game you will need 10 inexpensive red sand pails with faces drawn on them and light and dark blue foam balls between 2 and 3 inches in diameter. (The balls need to be this size so they will be small enough for the babies to handle them, but they won't be too small and be a choking hazard.)

To make the face look just like Pail's face on Blue's Clues you can use a black permanent marker to make her eyes. Just draw two dots an inch apart from each other with two eyebrows right above them, which are made by making two slight arches right above the eyes. For the mouth use a yellow paint marker to make a yellow half smile starting slightly on the left side of her face and curving up into the right side with a curved arch at it's end.

Place the pails against a wall in 2 rows of 4 with an additional 2 pails placed in the center of the front of the rows of pails. Then set the children next to each other. Make sure all of the kids that are participating are paying attention, and then take a blue foam ball and throw it at the pails while saying, "throw" at the same time, to show the children what to do.

Set the pails back up and give the children their foam balls. Have a parent behind each child to help coach them to throw the ball and one adult in the middle of the lined up children to make the first throw to give the children a reminder of what they are to do.

When all of the children are ready, have the adult in the middle say, "throw" and throw their ball just over the top of the pails into the wall. Give the babies who get their ball into a basket a special prize. Remember that when playing 1st birthday party games to give all the babies that didn't win a secondary prize for playing to prevent jealousy.

Blue's Birthday Video: You can play the Blue's Clues episode, "Blue's Birthday" for the children as they are eating their food/cake.

Action Songs: One of the main reasons Blue's Clues is so popular is that the get the children involved, and what better way to get the babies at the party actively involved than action songs. All children love acting out and singing along with action songs.

Action songs are funny and/or upbeat songs that involve specific motions that are related to specific words or verses of the song. Click here for a list of 1st Birthday Party Action Songs with their lyrics to liven up your baby's Blue's Clues 1st birthday party.

Temporary Tattoos: Temporary tattoos are a great addition to any child's birthday party, and an excellent substitute for face painting. Face paint isn't a particularly safe activity for babies, they might eat it, rub it in their eyes, or get upset if they see the other children getting it when they can't.

There are two things you can be sure of with having temporary tattoos at your baby's 1st birthday party, that they will put smiles on every child’s face and the children will be excited to see Blue's Clues characters and/or objects on their skin.

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