First Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

With our unique first birthday party invitation tips and ideas, you will learn how to make the cutest and most amazing 1st birthday invitations imaginable. For this milestone event, you can choose to buy your themed 1st birthday invitations online, from a party supply store, or you can use our unique and fun themed 1st birthday party ideas for invitations.

We will not only show you how to make several different types of homemade invitations, but also simple tips and ideas on how to turn an ordinary invitation into an extraordinary one. We will start off providing you with the best first birthday party invitation ideas you will find anywhere, then you will learn how to get the most out of your invitations from the beginning to the end of the creation process.

First Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

3-D Invitation

This is a very cute and simple first birthday party invitation. All you need to do is print your party message out in 2" x 4" text block sections on light theme colored cardstock paper and purchase theme related objects. (Be sure to leave the first two lines of the text box blank, you will need enough room at the top of each mini card for hole puncher)

Examples of what kinds of theme related objects that you can use for invitations are beanie babies, puppets, stuffed animals, and palm sized toys. Now take the light theme colored card stock sheets with the party information printed on them and cut them out into the 2" x 4" sections, after they have all been cut out fold them in half length wise with the text going on the inside. Now take a hole puncher and put a hole in the upper left corner by the fold of the mini card. (Make sure you don't cut off the text.)

Now take theme colored string and use it to attach the card to the themed object you chose for your invitations. Then to finish off the invitations add a theme related sticker to the front and back of the outside of the card and hand deliver them to the people on your guest list.

Personalized Character Invitation

If your baby's party is based on a character, you can add a personal touch to your child's first birthday party invitation. You can print out a scanned, downloaded, or clipart picture of a theme related character on white cardstock paper. Then either scan or upload a picture of your child and cutout everything except for their face, then enlarge it so that will be large enough to fit over the face of the themed characters you printed out.

Now glue your child’s face over the characters face and cutout the background of the image so that only the character remains. To finish this first birthday party invitation all you have to do is flip the pictures over and put your invitation message and baby's party information on the back.

Baby Vehicle Invitation

For this first birthday party invitation you will need to take a nice quality side view picture of a vehicle, and a close up side view picture of your baby sitting in a chair (preferably wearing theme related baby clothing or a costume) with their arms straight out in front of them. (One way you can get them to put their arms straight out is by holding up their favorite toy.)

Now take the picture of your infant and cut out the entire background. (including the chair)

You may need to cut off the lower portion of your baby's picture, if you are putting them in a vehicle that has doors.

Scan both pictures onto a computer and resize the picture of your baby so you can copy it and paste it onto the drivers seat area of the vehicle, so it looks like they are driving the vehicle.

Print the picture out on white card stock, cut out the background, and put your 1st birthday party information on the back.

First Birthday Party Invitation Tips

When designing your first birthday party invitations it is important to provide the potential guest with all the information they will need before the party. Now that you have decided on an invitation design, you will learn in detail the best ways to word your party information on your invitations.

Always remember, the best time to mail your first birthday party invitations is three to four weeks before the party date to make sure the guests have enough time to leave that day free. It will also help you by providing enough time for the guests to RSVP so you will have an exact number of guests to work with, which will help with your party planning.

Who to Invite

A first birthday party is a celebration of the milestone event of your baby's first year with you. When it comes to celebrating a first birthday, most people typically invite family such as grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Do not feel obligated to stick with only inviting family though, you can invite neighbors or even a couple close family friends.

Are you wondering how to decide which of these people you should invite? The first two things you need to consider are your party budget and your party location to find out how many people you can accommodate at the party. Now that you have the number of guests you can accommodate, take that number and your potential guest list and first choose the guests that will definitely be on your final guest list, such as grandparents and close family friends. (These people should represent only 1/4 of the total final guests list.)

Then for the rest of the list pick the people who have children first, preferably around your child’s age. Although, it is best to invite children around your child’s age, children between the ages of 6 months to 6 years should also have fun at your baby's first birthday party.

After you have gone through these groups of people and you still have room for more guests to invite, you should choose the people that your child is familiar with the most. If your party is filled with people that your baby does not know that well it may make them feel uncomfortable and they may not enjoy their party as much as they should.

Cool Fun Invitation Ideas

1. Fill the first birthday party invitation envelopes with theme colored glitter or theme shaped confetti.

2. Have you or a friend hand deliver the party's invitations in a theme related costume.

3. Use a theme related sticker to close the invitations envelope.

Thank You Notes

For this special event, you can choose to buy your themed thank you notes online, from a party supply store, or you can make your own. It is best to send the themed thank you notes as quickly as possible, generally no later than two weeks after the party. When putting together the themed thank you notes, you should always remember to make them personalized for each guest.

A non-personalized thank you note makes it seem more like an obligation rather than an expression of appreciation for the gift they had brought. When writing out your baby's themed thank you notes refer to the person by the name(s) on the gift or card and always mention the specific gift they had brought.

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