The Ultimate Guide to
the Perfect Birthday Party

As a special gift to our visitors, we will be offering you a free download of a digital copy of our book, “The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Birthday Party” (a $15.99 Value) that includes direct links to the best and cheapest below retail party supplies so you can throw your child the perfect party on any budget! This is to celebrate our sites recent accomplishment of reaching our goal of 12,000 downloads.

Scroll down to see how this book will show you how to throw the perfect party!

Hello, my name is Michael Goff and you are about to see how this party planning book will not only make your party planning easier and less stressful, but also save you countless hours of your time and potentially hundreds of dollars.

The best thing about this book is that it's not like all the other party planning books out there. Believe me, I understand personally the disappointment of spending your hard earned money on a birthday party tips and ideas book that is full of basic common knowledge party tips and ideas and outdated information!

This party planning book covers every aspect of birthday party planning from the very beginning starting with your party's budget and ending with the closing games and after party thank-you notes at the end of the party.

So start your party planning off right with this party planning book, it will without a doubt be the most important thing you will buy for your child's party.

In fact, once these widely unknown birthday party tips and ideas are revealed you will be able to...

Easily Plan and Throw the Perfect Party for your Child

There is always that special feeling of satisfaction at the end of the party when you see the smiles on all the children's faces as they leave the party and all of the great compliments you get from parents on how amazing your child's party was.

Will these tips and ideas really work for you?

This party planning book was written in a simple easy to read and understand format, so that anyone can utilize the wealth of knowledge it contains and put it to use. It will give you the answers to all of the important questions and problems you could possibly run into while throwing your child's party.

Whether your a first time parent trying to learning the ins and outs of throwing that perfect party or your a veteran parent whose birthday party's always seem to come up short of perfection this book is for you!

Immediately after reading this book you will...
  • Have a deep understanding of the best way to throw a birthday party.

  • Know all the birthday party do's and don'ts for every aspect of your kid's party from beginning to end.

  • Learn how to correctly utilize your time so that by the end of the party you will have saved yourself countless hours that would have otherwise gone to waste.

  • Have access through direct links to the top high quality party suppliers that offer below retail party supplies, so you won't have to worry about going over budget!

Here's what this book has to offer you:

Step-by-step guide from beginning to end for throwing the perfect birthday party.

Countless birthday party tips and ideas that you will not find anywhere else.

This amazing book has helped thousands of parents like you throw their children the perfect birthday party that they can without a doubt be proud of hosting!

One of a kind tips and ideas that can be used for any sized or budget party at any location.

Birthday party planning tips and techniques that go far beyond other birthday planning guides.

A reliable go to guide that shows you how to do everything right the first time saving your valuable time.

Here's a quick peek at what you're about to be reading:

Chapter 1. Money Saving Online Party Supplies

In this 1st chapter you will find direct links that will open in your internet browser to our below retail themed birthday party supply pages on our website. This way you can be sure to save money and keep your party on budget.

Chapter 2. Birthday Party Tips and Ideas

Here you will find in depth answers to the most important and most frequently asked questions for planning and throwing a birthday party like...

  • Should I set a budget for the party?

  • When should I start planning a birthday party?

  • Does my child's party need a theme?

  • Where should I have my child's party?

  • When should I have my child's party?

  • What do I need to throw a party?

Chapter 3. Invitation How to's and Need to Know's

All your questions about the party's invitations will all be answered in this party planning book. You will also learn how to optimize your invitations in a way that will improve the number of guests that RSVP and the number that arrive.

You will also learn how to make 8 unique and amazing homemade invitations that will add a definite flair to any party's theme.

Chapter 4. Ultimate Decoration Tips and Ideas

This easy to read section is filled with the most informative birthday decoration tips and ideas that can be found anywhere. This chapter will show you how to setup your party's decorations from beginning to end in a way that will save you countless hours of misspent time.

Here's a list of the subjects that are covered in this chapter:

  • Your Party's Color Scheme

  • Table Decorations

  • Table Place mats

  • Table Centerpieces

  • Party Streamers

  • Party Balloons

  • Background Birthday Decorations

  • Cardboard Character Cutouts

  • Party Entrance Birthday Decorations

  • Themed Toys and Objects

  • High Chair

  • Miscellaneous Birthday Decorations

Chapter 5. Birthday Arrival Icebreakers

Get your party started right with these great icebreaker and arrival activities. These ideas will be the perfect way to keep the kids occupied and in the party mood as they wait for all of the other guests to arrive.

Chapter 6. Birthday Party Food Ideas

When choosing a birthday party's menu there are many very important things that you should be aware of and this chapter in this party planning book covers all of them. This chapter is broken up it 5 sections giving you the ability to quickly and simply understand and use these birthday food tips and ideas as you begin to plan your child's party.
  • Babies Food

  • Older Kid and Adult Food

  • Party Drinks

  • Cake Tips

  • Universal Character Cake

  • Cupcakes

  • Theme Shaped Foods

Chapter 7. Birthday Party Favors

This is a great chapter that has everything you need to know about party favors including 20 of the best party favors to buy and which types of party favors to avoid.

Chapter 8. Birthday Games and Activities

Nowhere else can you find a better or bigger list of birthday party games and activities, 20 in all. These games and activities were chosen and designed specifically for birthday parties and can only be found in this party planning book! You will also get great advice on what types of games and activities are appropriate for a birthday party and which types to avoid.

Thank  You!

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