Tips and Ideas for
Planning a 1st Birthday Party

When it comes to planning a 1st birthday party there are many very important, simple, and easy things you can do to make your baby's party a stress free success. Whether it is big or small, every first birthday party can come out a roaring success with a little well thought simple planning and organization.

Here at Themed Birthday Party Ideas we are dedicated to providing you with the biggest and best first birthday ideas and the most reliable and cheapest birthday party suppliers out there.

With the tips and ideas for planning a 1st birthday party on this site, you will not only relieve yourself of much of the stress that typically comes with planning a birthday party. You will also be completely prepared with everything you will need to throw your child the perfect 1st birthday party that you can truly be proud of hosting.

Should I Set a Budget for the Party?

Before you can even start planning a 1st birthday party, you will have to set a budget. Your party budget is not only the first step in planning your baby's birthday party, but it is also one of the most important steps. A budget is the foundation of any party and will determine everything for your party from decorations, food, games, activities, number of guests, to even your theme.

Does My Baby's Party Need A Theme?

Are you wondering if choosing a theme for your baby's party is important? It's not only a very important step in planning a 1st birthday party, it is a necessity. The main purpose of your baby's party theme is to make your child feel special by relating their party specifically to them.

It also makes your party planning easier because it pulls all the different parts of your baby's party together like your color scheme, decoration, games, activities, partyware, invitations, and food. Choosing a first birthday theme may seem a bit intimidating, but it is in fact easier than most people think.

Where Should I Have My Baby's Party?

Your choice of the party's location is very important when it comes to how happy and outgoing your child will be at their party. There is one definite certainty when it comes to all babies, and that is that babies are more comfortable and happy in familiar surroundings. This is a very important fact to remember when planning a 1st birthday party, because if your child is put in unfamiliar surroundings and/or with unfamiliar people it can cause them to feel out of place and scared their entire party.

When planning a 1st birthday party choosing the length of the party is an important factor.Without having a set party length you will not know how long to make each part of the party which may cause your party to fall short or run too long, which can inconvenience you and your guests.

The most important thing to consider when choosing the starting time for the party is your child.

The best party starting time is 1/2 of an hour after your baby usually wakes up from their morning or afternoon nap. Your baby's party should be between 1 1/2 - 2 hours long, any longer and your child may be overwhelmed by the party or worn out, which can cause them to become grumpy.

The best time of the week to hold the party is the weekend mainly because many people attend either work or school throughout the week. If you are having the party in the morning or early afternoon you also may want to have it on Saturday, as some of the people you are inviting might be at church services during those times on Sunday.

Party Safety

When planning a 1st birthday party, safety is definitely a number one concern.

With that in mind, always remember to get a contact phone number from the parents that will be dropping their children off, incase an accident were to occur.

In addition, it is important to contact the parents before the party and ask them if any of their family members that will be attending your baby's birthday party have any food allergies.

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