How to Make a Scarecrow
for Your Child’s Birthday Party

These "How to Make a Scarecrow" instructions are simple and easy to follow. They will give your child's birthday that extra touch it's been missing. Whether your kid's party is a farm party, garden party, or the always popular Halloween party, these homemade scarecrows will give you what you need to finish off your kid's birthday party decorations.

They are not just for scaring away crows, they have also grown to be one of the most popular decorations for farm, autumn, and Halloween parties. After you make a scarecrow, there are many ways you can use them to make your party better. One great idea is to put one at the entrance of your party holding up a sign welcoming your guest to your child's party.

You can also make your own life size scarecrow cardboard cutouts. Click here to find out how: Do It Yourself Life Size Cardboard

- Standing and Sitting Scarecrows -

Here is the List of Materials You Will Need:

6-Foot Pole (Standing) 4-Foot Pole (Standing) Duct Tape (Standing) 3-Foot Pole (Sitting) Socks (Sitting) Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt Old Pair of Blue Jeans Permanent Marker Straw Hat Pillowcase Gloves Straw Twine

*Tip: If the birthday party you are throwing is for small child you can make small mini-scarecrows using children's clothes.

Scarecrow Skeleton (Standing) To make it stand up, you will have to build it a skeleton. Take two poles (extra wood, old broomsticks, bamboo poles, etc.) One pole should be 4-foot long and the other pole should be 6-foot long. Take the shirt and slide the 4-foot pole through the sleeves so that it is sticking through both hand holes. Place the 4-foot pole about 1 foot from the top of the 6-foot pole, it should look like a cross. Now take a piece of duct tape and attach the two poles together.

Lower Body (Standing) Take the pants and put the long end of the pole through one of the pant legs the other will hang freely. Make sure that the pants are high enough for the shirt to be tucked in and the end of the pole is sticking out of the pant leg, so it can be staked into the ground. Now tie the legs off and fill them with straw.

Lower Body (Sitting) Take the pants and fill them loosely (so the knees will bend) with straw, leaving some straw sticking 4 inches out of the end of the pant legs. Now cover the ends of the pant legs with socks and tie them off with twine.

Upper Body (Standing and Sitting) Now button up the shirt, tuck it into the pants, and take the straw and start stuffing the shirt loosely. If you use straw or hay to fill it, make sure it is dry or it will mold, you can also use dry leaves or old crumpled newspaper to fill the shirt and pants. You can use gloves or mittens for the hands. Put the gloves on the ends of the sleeve's this will also keep the straw from falling out, so be sure you fasten them on well with twine (safety pins will work too). Use the twine to tie around the waist to keep the shirt and pants fastened together (safety pins can be used.)

Head and Hat (Standing and Sitting) Take the pillowcase and fill it with straw, until the head is the size you want it to be. (If making a sitting scarecrow, take a 3-foot pole and put it in the top of the body, so 1 foot of pole is sticking out.) Now slide the head onto the end of the pole at the top of the body and tie it off with twine. (Instead of a pillowcase, you can use a burlap bag, pumpkin, garbage bag, panty hose, etc.)

Now draw the face on with the marker, you could also use fabric paint, sew on different colored fabric, buttons for eyes, or a mask. Finally, you can glue the straw hat onto the head. There are endless options for accessories when it comes to making a scarecrow. Starting at the top you could put a ball cap, wig, or a full head mask on its head. You can add a scarf or tie around its neck, and a pair of shoes. Another nice touch would be to sew patches on its pants.

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