Sesame Street
First Birthday Party Ideas

Are you looking for the best Sesame Street first birthday party ideas? Here you will find all the greatest and free Sesame Street 1st birthday party ideas you will need to throw the perfect party. We have the best themed birthday party ideas for invitations, decorations, games, cakes, food, and where to find the best and cheapest party supplies, to give your baby the greatest Sesame Street 1st Birthday ever.

*Important money saving tip: We even provide you with the top most reliable online businesses that provide Sesame Street party supplies at well below retail prices. For an average sized party, buying your party supplies online can cost up to $150 less than if you were to go to your local party supplies store, then there is the gas money and time you will save as well.

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Sesame Street Invitations

You can purchase your Sesame Street 1st Birthday Invitations and Sesame Street 1st Birthday Thank-You Notes or you can use our amazingly simple first birthday invitation ideas.

Here are some clever and unique homemade Sesame Street first birthday ideas for invitations:

Big Bird Invitation

Fold the short sides of an 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of white card stock together. Scan or download an image of Big Bird and print enough out on white card stock for all of your invitations. (Must be big enough to fit on the front of the invitation.) Cut out the backgrounds, glue thin black yarn over the outlines of the pictures. When that glue dries apply more glue on the picture, avoid putting glue on Big Birds legs, eyes, and beak. Press shredded yellow feathers in the glue and color the beak and legs orange with a paint marker. Now glue the picture on the front of the card and put your Sesame Street first birthday party information on the inside.

Variation: It's simple to do this with other Sesame Street characters instead of adding shredded feathers glue on felt that is the same color as the character you are doing.

Real Cookie Monster Invitation

Buy or bake large chocolate chip cookies (at least 4 inches in diameter) and individually wrap them with thick clear Saran Wrap. Make a sticky back label with your party information on it, you can either do this on your home PC or go to a copy shop like Kinko’s and have it done. Put the labels on the bottoms of the cookies and place a large Cookie Monster sticker on top of the cookies and hand deliver them to your Sesame Street first birthday party guests.

Sesame Street Babies

Fold the short sides of an 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of white card stock together. Have a picture taken of your child in a Sesame Street baby costume and scan or download images of the Sesame Street Beginnings baby characters and print them out on white cardstock paper. (Print out enough for all of your invitations.) Take the pictures of the birthday child and the character printouts, and cut them out. Paste the picture of your baby in the center and the baby Sesame Street characters around them. Then take a colorful marker or gel pen and fill in the party information on the inside of the card. You can add Sesame Street stickers on the inside, or use them on the outside instead of downloading images.

Sesame Street First Birthday Decorations

The best colors to use at your baby's Sesame Street first birthday party are red, blue, yellow, and green. Decorate your party area with balloons and streamers in these colors. If you want great looking Sesame Street character Mylar balloons then check these out.

Mylar balloons are the best balloons to buy for a first birthday party, as they are safer for young children and are harder to pop. There are countless places you can put balloons at your child's Sesame Street first birthday party. The most popular places to attach balloons are to your mailbox, on the ends of your banners, chairs, tables, and table umbrellas.

Hang green and yellow or red and blue streamers all over the party area, you can hang them over the top and down the sides of doorways, on party tables, down from branches of trees, on chairs, railing, and anywhere else you think could use a little pizzazz. Here are links to some of the best looking Sesame Street party area decorations:

Cover your party tables with tablecloths that are the same color as your baby's favorite Sesame Street character or their favorite color, but if you want your baby's party to look extra special use Sesame Street Tablecovers with Sesame Street 1st Birthday Confetti.

You can have either pictures of various Sesame Street characters or of your baby in a Sesame Street character costume enlarged and laminated to be used as placemats, after the party is over you can let the guests take theirs home with them as a keepsake of your Sesame Street first birthday party. You can take laminated pictures of Sesame Street characters, a T.V. with Sesame Street characters in the center, rubber duckies, cookies, numbers, and letters and tape them all over your party area. For a special touch, instead of using any numbers and letters use your baby's initials and their age. You can tape them on the backs and seats of chairs, walls, doors, trees, fences, table umbrellas, and coolers.

You can purchase or make your own Sesame Street 1st Birthday Banners, the best places to put a banner are at the entrance to welcome your guests, above the gift table, and at the main party area of your first birthday party. Take pictures of various Sesame Street characters, put them in picture frames, and hang them on your walls. Put A-B-C and 1-2-3 toy blocks all over the party area, you can use the blocks to spell out your baby's age and name or Sesame Street characters names and favorite phrases.

You have the choice of either purchasing the 1st birthday Sesame Street Table Centerpieces for your baby's party or you can make your own homemade centerpieces. You can do this by taking helium filled Sesame Street first birthday Mylar balloons or theme colored balloons and attach them to Sesame Street stuffed animals with theme colored ribbon. For an added touch put a party hat on all stuffed animals that are used as decoration. (The stuffed animals may need weighed down depending on their size and the amount of balloons attached.)

You can tape enlarged and laminated pictures of Sesame Street characters and place them outside around your party area. You can tape them on walls, fences, table umbrellas, the backs and seats of chairs, coolers, doors, trees, baby play areas, and baby gates. On the inside of your house, you can take Sesame Street Posters and place them all over the walls in the party area. You could also choose to use some of these amazing Sesame Street tableware items for your party's food tables.

If you have a sidewalk, use colored chalk to make alternating sections of blue, green, red, and yellow or you can tie balloons in those colors to party stakes and put them in the ground to make a path to the party area. Play a Sesame Street Music CD in the background, and when the children arrive to the party decorate them with a Sesame Street Cone Hat. You can also decorate with some of your child's Sesame Street puppets, toys, stuffed animals, and books. Put them out where they can be seen and played with. (Make sure that all items placed within reach of small children are large enough and age appropriate, to avoid choking hazards.)

Do you want life-size Sesame Street first birthday Character cutouts? It's easy; Click here to find out how: Do It Yourself Life Size Cardboard Cutouts

Sesame Street First Birthday Icebreaker Activities

Story Time: Sesame Street's Sesame Beginnings line has many great books made for babies. Have an adult read and act out stories from Sesame Street themed books to the children as the other guests arrive.

Sing Songs: Sing simple fun children's songs that involve body movement and funny sounds. Many babies have certain favorite songs. Click here for a list of Sesame Street Songs with their lyrics for your Sesame Street first birthday party.

Tattoos: Temporary tattoos are an exciting Sesame Street first birthday party substitute for face painting. Face paint is typically not a good idea for 1st birthday parties, as babies may eat it, rub it in their eyes, or get upset when they see everyone else wearing it when they can't. You can find Sesame Street Temporary Tattoos for sale online, along with many other Sesame Street party supplies.

Sesame Street Coloring Pages: Provide kids with crayons and markers, and pages from Sesame Street coloring books while waiting for the party to begin. To keep the party as mess-free as possible use Crayola Color Wonders markers and finger-paints.

Make sure that there is always an adult present while small children are coloring and finger painting, since children tend to want to mark on everything in the room. Also remember marker lids and broken crayons can be choking hazards.

First Birthday Party Food and Drink

Sesame Street First Birthday Cake Ideas

Sesame Street Cake

You can make your cake using Sesame Street cake pans, these character cake pans come with complete decorating instructions. Now even you can make a professional looking cake from home. When you have finished the cake, add some Sesame Street Cake Toppers and a Sesame Street 1st Birthday Candle.

Universal Sesame Street Cake

Bake a cake mix of your choice preferably in an 11" x 15" x 2" or 12" x 18" x 2" rectangular cake pan. Take a colored coloring book quality picture of a Sesame Street character and have it enlarged big enough so that it will fit to the edges of the cake without going over. Cut out the background of the picture then take a needle and poke a small hole every 1/4-inch along the outline of the picture. When the cake has cooled put small blotches of frosting on the backside of the picture, so when you place it on the cake it will stay in place. (Make sure you don't put frosting over the holes you made along the outlining.) Now position the picture on the cake without it going over the edges.

Cut off the excess cake and put toothpicks 1/3 of the way down in the holes you made along the outline. (You can crumble up the excess cake and put it in a dish alternating between layers of cake and pudding for another party dessert) Remove the toothpicks and picture and use the colors on the picture and the holes made by the toothpicks to guide you while you ice the cake, as you ice over an area that had a hole place another toothpick. After the cake has been iced remove the toothpicks and use a decorating bag with black frosting to outline the edges of the top of the cake and the inside outline area which should have been marked by the toothpicks.

Universal Sesame Street Cupcakes

Bake the cupcakes as directed on the box preferably in Sesame Street cupcake liners. After the cupcakes have cooled, use white frosting and food coloring to dye the frosting the color of the Sesame Street character you want your cupcakes to resemble. You can either apply the frosting to the cupcake with a knife or use a grass decorating bag tip to make them look furry. For the eyes you can make them by either using a decorating bag, to put pea sized dots of white frosting and adding mini semi-sweet chocolate chips in the middle or with edible decorating eyes. The mouths can be made with Twizzler Pull n' Peels or edible cake decorating gel, and the noses can be made out of different colored gumdrops. 

Here is the list of Sesame Street characters and their colors you can make using these cupcake directions.

Bert Yellow Fur Orange Nose Black Uni-brow
Ernie Orange Fur Red Nose None
Elmo Red Fur Orange Nose None
Cookie Monster Blue Fur None None
Grover Blue Fur Pink Nose None
Oscar the Grouch Green Fur None Brown Eyebrows
Telly Fuchsia Fur Orange Nose None
Zoe Orange Fur Pink Nose None

First Birthday Party Food

Before you make a decision about what foods you will be serving at your child's Sesame Street first birthday party, it is best to contact the families that will be attending the party to see if they have any food allergies.

It is a nice gesture to supply food to the other babies that will be attending the party. When planning food for a party most people typically only supply food for the older children and adults, but when it comes to throwing a first birthday party, it's all about the babies. 

The best choices of foods to feed the babies at your baby’s Sesame Street first birthday party are Gerber's stages 1 - 3 jarred foods. You can contact the parents prior to the party and ask them what stage of jarred food their child is at and what their favorite jarred food is. For the children who are not quite able eat hard food but can eat soft table foods here is a list of foods that are usually acceptable by this stage. (They are children usually between the ages of 1 - 2 years old.)

  • Pasta
  • French Fries
  • Baked Beans
  • Cheese Puffs
  • Potato Salad
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Macaroni Salad
  • Sliced Soft Fruit (ex. banana, kiwi, peach)

For your Sesame Street first birthday party you should feed the older children and adults simple barbeque style foods like chicken, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, coleslaw, baked beans, and corn on the cob. Typically theme oriented foods are best for older children's birthday parties.

1st Birthday Drinks

Here is a list of different Sesame Street juice box flavors made by the Apple & Eve juice company all flavors are 100% juice.

  • Elmo's Punch
  • Big Bird's Apple
  • Bert & Ernie's Berry
  • Grover's White Grape
  • Cookie Monster's Orange Tangerine

Sesame Street Party Favors

Giving party favors is the perfect way to thank your guests for attending your baby's Sesame Street first birthday party. Make sure that all of the party favors and Sesame Street party supplies that you buy are safe for small children. Avoid favors that break easily, are small, have pointed edges, or have small parts. If you want to save the time and money it takes to make your own favor packs buy already made Sesame Street 1st Birthday Party Favor Boxes to give your party guests.

Here is a list of the most popular Sesame Street party favors:

Make these cute looking block favor boxes for your guests to take their party favors home in. Take small square tissue boxes (usually found at Dollar Discount stores for $1) and paint them to look like 1-2-3 or A-B-C toy blocks using paint markers and stencils, and then glue a strip of construction paper to the sides over the top to make a handle. For a nice touch, you can use your child's initials and age on the sides of the boxes.

Sesame Street Games Prizes

Here is a list of the top Sesame Street birthday party game prizes.

  • Sesame Street Party Medals
  • Sesame Street Confetti Award Ribbon
  • Sesame Street Giant Activity Pad
  • Cookie Monster Mini Plush Doll
  • Big Bird Mini Plush Doll
  • Grover Mini Plush Doll
  • Sesame Street Party Character Hat
  • Sesame Street Sticker Activity Book
  • Sesame Street Numbers Write On/Off Book

Sesame Street Games and Activities

Puppet Show: Purchase or borrow some Sesame Street Puppets, then have you or some energetic and imaginative friends put together a puppet show. You can get ideas from various Sesame Street videos.

Baby Playdough: Playdough is a great Sesame Street first birthday party activity; it will spark curiosity and creativity in all of the young party guests. You can give your baby and little guests plastic letter, number, or Cookie Monster cookie cutters with some Playdough. If they choose not to use the cookie cutter, that's OK, just let them play and explore at their own pace, the cookie cutters can be sent home with your guests as a party favor.

Do you want to make your own homemade playdough for your baby's Sesame Street first birthday party? Here are some Homemade Playdough Recipes, there are non-edible and edible playdough recipes to help take away that worry of "what will happen if my child ate some of it?"

Me Want Cookie: Make a cardboard or foam board cutout of Cookie Monster's head with his mouth cut out. You can sew large black buttons on 3 tan bean bags to make them look like chocolate chip cookies. To make the line for the players to throw from, you can take a strip of blue construction paper and glue Kellogg's Cookie Crisp Cereal across it. Then have the players take turns throwing the 3 bean bags into Cookie Monsters mouth.

The younger children who cannot thrown well can either get a prize for hitting the cutout or you can just let them walk up and put them in his mouth. The best way to do the prizes for the older kids who may be playing is to have 3 different prizes. (The more they get in his mouth the bigger the prize they get.) A great idea for a prize for this Sesame Street first birthday party game is large chocolate chip cookies.

Sesame Street Pinata No party is complete without a Pinata game, and since this is your baby’s first party make sure you use a pull string kit on your Sesame Street Pinata.

Oscar's Garbage Game: This is truly a Sesame Street first birthday party game, all you need to do is either make a cardboard cutout of Oscar the Grouch in his garbage can or have a picture of Oscar the Grouch in his garbage can enlarged on poster board, this can be done at a copy shop like Kinko's.

Then print out pictures of various food containers' on white card stock paper (make the pictures about 4 to 5 inches long), and cutout the pictures and put 2 sided tape on the blank side. Have the children take turns being gently spun around then trying to put the garbage on Oscar's garbage can. For a fun touch you can use pictures of the games prizes instead of food containers and the children will win the object they are sticking to Oscar’s garbage can.

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